Justification Letter Samples for Additional Staff

In work life, meeting deadlines and executing tasks at a normal pace are eminently important. When we see things lagging because of any reason, we take steps to ensure that we catch up with the prepared schedule. Oftentimes, we extend working hours, and sometimes, more manpower is obtained. 

What is a justification letter for additional staff?

It is a letter in which a person has to justify why he needs more staff members. In simple words, the reason for asking for more number of working people to work on a project is mentioned.  

What is the purpose of writing the justification letter for additional staff?

The main objective of this letter is to convince the reader to provide more staff. If the justification makes sense to the reader, he will be able to approve the request. 

When to write this letter?

Generally, a company asks the employee to justify asking for added staff. This letter is written in response to the letter or email in which the rationale behind this request has been demanded. People, by and large, need more staff because:

  1. There is less number of people working on a project than required. 
  2. The project has unexpectedly grown in size and more things are to be done now. 
  3. Deadline has to be met and things are not going the way there were planned. 
  4. When a few people have shown that they are incapable to work.

How to write?

Since the objective is to convince the reader, the justification should always be provided convincingly so that fruitful results can be obtained. Follow the tips given below:

Discuss why you need supplementary workers:

At the very start of the letter, it is very important to address the needs of the worker. Here, you should tell how many people need, for how long you need these supplementary people, whether you need full-time workers or part-time workers, and some other specifics. 

Discuss benefits:

Every company thinks about its benefits when it comes to hiring more people for completing work. Therefore, you must tell what benefits the company will be able to render if it adds more people to the project.

Discuss the cost:

You must tell the reader that you are aware of the cost-related issues. Hiring more people makes the company bear more expenses. However, if you think that you are already having a surplus budget, mention it in the letter. This way you will be able to get your request accepted. Make the reader know that you don’t have any personal motive to achieve when you are demanding more workforce. Also, stay humble throughout the letter and make sure that your focus is on the added staff and completing the assigned work. 

Below is a sample letter written by an employee to his boss in order to ask for more staff:

Sample letter:



Address of the recipient:

Subject: Justification for supplementary staff

Dear (mention the employer’s name), 

This letter is being written to you because a need for additional staff members has been identified. We require 10 more people working as full-time customer service representatives who can share the workload with the currently working people. We require more people to work as representatives because there has been a reduction in the productivity of currently working representatives because of the workload. In addition, they are unable to guide people appropriately. 

In the past few months, our company has experienced exponential growth. Due to this, the customer base of the company has also increased. This growth in the customer base speaks volumes about the performance of the employees in the company. 

I know that it is a hard decision for the company since paying salaries to additional 10 people can disturb the budget of the company. However, I have examined the budget of my team and came to know that the company will not experience too much disturbance. I am compelled to ask for more staff because I am afraid a smaller number of people dealing with lots of customers might impact the satisfaction of the customers.

I am looking forward to your response. 


Name of the employee,

Designation of the employee, 



Justification letter sample for additional staff

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