Daily Cash Collection Report Letter

What is a daily cash collection report letter?

This letter is a simple description of the cash that is collected separately. However, it is not the only information that is conveyed via this letter. People, after reading this letter, come to know a lot more about the inflow and outflow of cash. It is a kind of a business letter that every business needs to work smoothly by keeping an eye on the cash movement at the same time.

What is the purpose of writing the daily cash collection report letter?

This letter has a lot of significance in the business world and due to this, as soon as a business starts operating; the first thing that a business gears up is a cash collection recording tool. This description of the money received in a day is one of those most important and needed tools. 

What are the benefits?

The report letter is generally elicited because it has lots of benefits. Some of them are being discussed below:

It prepares the reader for tomorrow:

This letter provides information as to how much cash is available in a person’s account. This way, he prepares himself as to what commitments he can make the next day and what participation or expenses he can put off for some other days.

It makes the cash cycle visible:

The cash cycle is important to be taken into consideration before making any business decision. This cycle tells what is payable, who to receive money from and how much, and lots of other details. This cycle of money is generally described in the report letter that is sent to the concerned authorities each day.

It helps in predicting financial health:

The business can easily see from the daily cash report how it is likely to operate in the future based on the availability of the credit. The data in this report helps the relevant person calculate the cash effectively and accurately. This helps the business owner make certain predictions.

What are the main elements of this review letter?

The main components of this letter are:

  1. Date of the report generation
  2. The total amount of cash collected
  3. The total amount that has been paid
  4. Total payable amount
  5. Total receivable amount
  6. Total amount received

Things to remember:

This daily report is helpful for the reader and it also ensures that everyone remains on the same page. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that you write the report letter in an efficacious way. Following are some important points to remember:

Mention the name of the cash collector:

Sometimes the person who writes this review letter is not the same person who has collected the cash. In this situation, don’t forget to mention the name of who has collected the cash.

Calculate carefully:

The comprehensive report prepared at the end can show a different result if you don’t make the report on daily basis with care. Therefore, you should try to make sure that you calculate the money collected accurately and leave no chances for discrepancies to arise.

Keep the record:

The cash collection is also accompanied by the receipt. In some case, you might need to enter the receipt number with the cash so that the amount received can be traced back to the receipt and shows that the cashier has done his work carefully and with honesty.

If you don’t know how to write this type of letter, you can find the sample letter helpful.

Sample report letter:

Subject:  daily coins retrieval review

Dear Madam/Sir,

This letter serves as a review of the cash received by the company on (mention the date). Please the review cash collected today.

  1. Total amount of cash collected: ___________________
  2. Collected by: _________________
  3. Total amount of receivables: ________________
  4. Total amount of payables: ______________
  5. Date of receiving money: ________________

If you need to know more about the total currency received in a single day, you can contact me at (mention the phone number).


Name of the sender,


Daily Cash Collection Report Letter

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