Letter on Failure to Communicate with Customers

All of us need to be good at communicating with others in both personal and professional life. We cannot make our ties stronger with people if we lack communication skills. This becomes even more important in our professional life. Employees are often assigned the task to communicate with business partners and clients for a variety of purposes. When they fail to do so, they receive a letter on failure to communicate.

What is a letter on failure to communicate?

This is a formal letter that a manager or employer writes to his employee when he fails to communicate properly. The purpose of writing this letter is to reprimand the worker so that he does not fail to communicate again in the future.

How to write?

An employer has to communicate the problem with the worker in such a way that the worker understands that the problem was there and it should not be repeated. This purpose can be achieved if the employer knows how to write this letter.  Read the guide below:

Don’t express your anger:

Most employers express their anger when they see that the employee has not met the expectations. This is not recommended. The manager should never write a letter to his employee when he is angry. This may lead to very serious consequences.

Address the problem:

It is another critical factor that many people ignore. They don’t address the problem effectively and due to which the employee never comes to know what exactly the problem was. When you address the problem, make sure that what you are going to criticize. If it is the behavior of the employee, let him know about it. If you want to reprimand the performance, then you will be required to write more comprehensively by adding the date on which the performance was bad and some other details.

Discuss the policy of the company:

Writing about the policy is not mandatory. However, if you feel like reminding the employee, you can mention it in the letter. Discuss what the employee was supposed to do when he was asked to communicate with customers and clients and what the policy of the company says to deal with the employee who does not communicate well.

This will let the employee know the seriousness of the matter. Mentioning the policy also supports you as it is proof that you are not criticizing the employee because you have some sort of personal grudge against him.

Set expectations for improvement:

In the end, tell the employee that you are expecting him to improve his performance and you hope that he will never fail to communicate again in the future.

Discuss consequences for repeating the mistake:

Discuss what can happen if the employee does not take his actions seriously and repeat the same mistake. Warn the employee in a professional way.

The example letter given below will be helpful for you.

Sample letter:


Name of the recipient:

Subject: Failure to communicate with customers at [X]

Mention recipient’s name,

I am writing this letter to you with regard to the unprofessional behavior that you have exhibited on 10th January 20XX. As you know, the company is going to launch its new line of products and I provided you with a list of top customers and clients to invite them to the launch event. Some of these people were also funding the major operations of the company. Mr. Johnson is one of them.

I instructed you to send an email to Mr. Johnson and invite him warmly. However, I came to know that you have failed to communicate with him. Mr. Johnson was not in the event and this was the moment of sheer embarrassment for me.

Our company has gained a high level of reputation with the hard work of many years and now it seems to lose it due to the unprofessional behavior of an employee. Consider this letter as a warning from my side as you have been through the same situation a few months back also. In the future, if I found that you failed to communicate, I will terminate you from the job immediately.

I hope that this will not happen again.



Letter on Failure to Communicate with Customers

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