Letter of Unfair Treatment at Work

This is a type of complaint letter that an employee writes to the human resource department of the company to inform about the bad treatment he has gone through. It is a basic right of every worker at the workplace to be treated right. Every human being is respectable and no one has the authority to disrespect anyone. When an employee realizes that he is not being given due respect, he can speak up and uncover the mistreatment.

Companies usually handle such kinds of letters seriously because such things put the question mark on the integrity of the company. Organizations that take care of the respect and self-esteem of their workers are respected and acknowledged.

What is the purpose?

The basic purpose of this letter is to ensure that the employee has contributed to discouraging the bad treatment by complaining about it. Employees know that they should report the bad behavior at the workplace whenever they go through it because this way, they can establish a system of not tolerating unfair treatment. People who treat workers unfairly should not be encouraged by not speaking up on their attitude. Rather, they should be criticized glaringly so that everyone comes to know about them.

How to write a letter to complain against unjust treatment?

Follow the tips given below:

Introduce yourself:

When you are talking to the human resource department, it is advisable to give your introduction. In the introduction, mention your name, position, department of work, and some achievements in the company that you are proud of. This will make the reader focus on your complaint.

Discuss how you have been treated unfairly:

Come to the main point after the introduction and talk about the mistreatment that you have faced. Discuss in detail what happened, how, and when. Also, mention the name of the person who was responsible for it. Make sure you don’t miss out on some important details that are important for the manager to know to take action.

Discuss your point of view:

Although the reader knows that the bad treatment is not acceptable, you must state your point of view so that the reader can understand the intensity of the matter.

Ask for the intervention:

At the end of the letter, make the manager know what actions you want him to take to resolve the matter peacefully. Make sure that you remain respectful and do not use foul language.

Sample letter:


Name of the recipient,
Address of the recipient

Subject: Unfair treatment at work

Respected (Mention the name of the recipient),

I am (mention your name) and I have been working as an assistant manager in your company for 10 years. I have spent all these years happily and I have enjoyed working on my post. Unfortunately, one of the employees in the company is now ruining my experience.

Before writing this letter, I have analyzed and evaluated all the available options and after having a thorough evaluation done, I have realized that I should resort to the human resource department.

Mr. ABC has been misbehaving with me ever since he joined the company. His lack of conduct is unsettling for me and it has become difficult for me to perform the same way I used to perform. Due to this, there has been a significant decline in my work performance. Mr. ABC has always been so rude to me and I find it very insulting for me when he gives me bad remarks in front of everyone.

I want to mention here that his behavior with other colleagues is different. I know that you have given him some authority that he is abusing. I am an old employee of the company and I deserve to be respected and acknowledged for my services.

I request you to make an immediate intervention to find the solution to this problem. Please look into this matter thoroughly to reach an effective resolution. This way, the friendly and productive environment at the workplace will be maintained.


Name of the sender

Designation of the sender



Letter of Unfair Treatment at Work 

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