Power of Attorney Letter for Child Care


I am writing this letter to legally authorize you to have power of attorney for my child, _____, born on __/__/__ at XYZ Hospital. This power of attorney will be effective from __/__/__ to __/__/__, and during this time period, all important decisions pertaining to the child’s well-being and overall security will be made.

These legal matters are handed over to make sure that the child is well taken care of during the unavailability of parents or any other guardian. A power of attorney encompasses the following conditions but is not limited to them:

  • All the expenditures related to childbirth, transportation, and registration will be covered by the attorney receiver.
  • Invoices for all bills will be provided by the receiving party upon inquiry from parents or guardians.
  • A daycare facility for the child will be chosen after thorough research, and the reviews of other parents will be greatly considered.
  • All expenses related to child well-being, i.e., medical expenses, vaccinations, monthly checkups, milk powder, and other formalities, will be covered by the attorney.
  • This power of attorney is effective from __/__/__ (starting date) to __/__/__ (end date) unless it is revoked by any parent or legal guardian.
  • The attorney-receiver will be responsible for providing all evidence of the child’s well-being at the end of each month.

Power of attorney laws are based on the law followed by a particular state; therefore, these documents are prepared under the supervision of a legal advisor.


I, father of (child’s name), am writing this letter to officially hand down the power of attorney for my child, born on (__/__/__) at XYZ hospital, to Mr. ABC (caregiver) for a limited time period of __/__/__ (starting date) to __/__/__ (ending date), effective immediately.

The caregiver is responsible for all the following situations during this time period and cannot supersede the decisions taken by the parents prior to the transfer of power of attorney:

  • Educational expenses, which may include school fees, stationary charges, transportation, and others, will be taken care of by the caregiver.
  • Medical expenses, if any, will be covered monthly to avoid letting any serious illness go unchecked.
  • All the invoices for every purchase or expenditure will be submitted to legal guardians at the end of each month.

A power of attorney can be revoked by parents or a legal guardian at any time without any warning or written statement.

Power of Attorney Letter for Child Care


I, guardian of the child (ABC), am writing this email to grant power of attorney for my child to (name of caregiver), working at (employment address), to take care of all the legal matters pertaining to the well-being of my child.

All medical, educational, and other legal matters involving the child will be handled by the caregiver. After the power of attorney is effective, the caregiver is responsible for providing a conducive and healthy environment for the child.

The major reason behind the transfer of power is the unavailability of parents or any other legal guardian due to some serious issues; therefore, the caregiver must fulfill his duty as responsibly as possible.


I (name of parent) am the father of (child’s name), born on __/__/__ at XYZ hospital. I am granting temporary power of attorney to (name of caregiver) working at (employment address and contact) for a limited period of two years.

The caregiver will be responsible for following all the important formalities pertaining to the healthy upbringing of the child. Given below are the duties related to the daily life of the child.

  • All personal expenses of the child, which may include clothing, educational and medical expenses, food, and recreation, will be catered for by the caregiver.
  • A caregiver cannot make decisions that put the life of a child in danger.
  • Children should be allowed to take part in healthy extracurricular activities.
  • A yearly vacation to a foreign country will be arranged by a caregiver.
  • The caregiver is not allowed to scold or beat the child in any situation.
  • In the event of an emergency, parents or other legal guardians should be contacted immediately.
  • The caregiver must get the consent of the parents to make serious decisions.
  • The physical as well as mental well-being of the child must be ensured by the caregiver at all times.
  • Access to mobile devices, the internet, and other electronic gadgets must be done under strict supervision.
  • Friends and other relatives should seek the permission of the caregiver to meet the child.