Letter to correct violations of a lease agreement

A letter to correct violations of a lease agreement is sent by the landlord of the premises to the tenants. The letter is sent to inform the tenants that they are violating the terms and conditions of their lease. The letter demonstrates the nature of the violation of the agreement and describes the time period for the correction of these violations.

The letter is sent to warn the tenants to correct the listed violations to bring their lease back in order. It is a serious letter that identifies the tenants about the premises, social security, and the list of violations.

A landlord should not hesitate to notify their tenants that are violating their lease agreement. As small problems can turn into big crises so it is better to notify them as early as possible.

The letters can be used to describe your minor or major problems which you need to correct. The problems may include

    • When your tenants are missing the rent or not giving the rent on time.
    • When unauthorized occupants are living in your rental.
    • When tenants have a habit of smoking and you want to enforce the No Smoking clause.
    • When you want to enforce a No Pet clause.
    • When your tenants are creating problems for the neighbors.
    • They are not maintaining your property and are violating an agreement of taking the utmost care of the property.
    • When an unregistered vehicle of the tenant is stored in your lawn.
    • When the tenant is damaging your property.

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Lease violation warning letter

Dear [Name of Leaser]

Please address this letter as an official warning for the violation of the lease. Before we signed the leasing contract, you were provided with a number of regulations to follow. However, after an inspection of the [Leased items], it has come to our notice that the [items] have been damaged.

We would like to advise you to be careful while using the [Leased items]. Any further damages to the property may force us to terminate the contract.

Warning letter to tenant for violations

Dear [Name of Tenant],

I have been issued complaints by your neighbors regarding the misuse of the space you have rented. Therefore, we would like to remind you about the certain rules we discussed before you moved in. While you stay here, we would like you to be cautious of those regulations. Any further violations can lead to you being evicted.

I sincerely hope that I will not receive any more complaints.

Lease violation notice for noise

Dear [Name of Leaser],

Recently, I have been receiving noise complaints filed by the other tenants surrounding your house. The noisiness has been disrupting the other environment. Therefore, I kindly ask you to be heedful of others residing in your area.

Hopefully, you will comply with my request. If any further complaints are received, I may have to ask you to move out.

Warning letter to tenant for cleanliness

Dear [Name of Tenants],

As I picked this month’s rent, I couldn’t help but notice that there were various stains on the walls of the house, both inside and outside.

I would like to remind you that any repairs for damages and spoiled property will be paid for from the security deposit you made during the rental process. Hopefully, you will pay more attention to not violate any more renting regulations.

Notice of breach of rental agreement

Dear [Name of Client],

It has come to my notice that there has been a breach of the regulations set during the renting process. According to the rental agreement, [Regulation that has been violated]. However, your actions went against the regulations.

I would like for you to address this letter as a warning letter. Any further breach of the agreement can lead to immediate eviction. Hopefully, you will thoroughly follow the agreement from now onwards.

Warning letter to tenant for late payment

Dear [Name of Tenant],

I am still waiting on the rent payment from your end. This has been the same case for the rent payments for the past few months. If you need extra time for the rent payment, I am willing to accommodate you. However, late payments without any explanations will not be accommodated.

Please keep in mind that any further late payments without notice can lead to immediate eviction.