Warning Letter for Giving False Testimony

Speaking truth is significantly important in everyday life. An individual telling a lie or giving false statements is never considered trustworthy even if he is telling a truth at some time. A workplace is committed to keeping a good environment. A good environment is favorable for both the organization and its members.

An entity or workplace has strict norms and procedures regarding various predictable situations. Additionally, serious actions are supposed to be taken against breaking some rules like giving false testimony. While an employee is exposed to false testimony, strict action is taken, and a warning is issued.

A warning letter for giving false testimony is issued in the following cases:

  1. When a certain employee gives false testimony based on some personal gain.
  2. False testimony can also occur because of some past grudge or jealousy.
  3. When a false testimony is found regarding the breaking of some norms and procedures.

In all the above-mentioned cases, a formal warning is issued, and serious actions are taken accordingly. This letter is issued from the concerning manager to the employee who is found guilty. False testimony in the profession gives serious trouble and issues. Employees should avoid committing it as it disgraces both the workplace and the employee himself/herself.

This warning letter should be very accurate and according to the exact situation occurred. All the concerned details are mandatory to be provided in this warning.

A sample letter is attached as follows.

Sample Letters


We have come to know that you have been making false & malicious statements against our prestigious institute out of grudge. Many of our customers & clients reported your nonstop nasty activities regarding our firm. This letter serves you as a warning to make you restrain from all such things and give up your foul undertakings instantly otherwise we must take legal actions against you.

We have talked to our lawyer in detail about the matter and he has clearly stated that we can start the legal actions against you to sue the full amount of the reimbursements suffered by us. It is up to you whether you will cease making false statements before others about us or pay a heavy amount to compensate for the damages.


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It has come to our attention that you have been false accusations against our products. This has exposed our company to reputational risk. Upon investigation, we have found all these statements to be false and malicious. We have worked day and night to manufacture this product. We have one of the best teams who have done research and development to make an outstanding product. Our business is based on trust and values. Spreading such statements will harm the sales and repute of our company.

This letter is an official warning to cease and remove any statements you have been making in the market. We will be working with our legal team to send you any legal notices claiming for the damages we have suffered due to these testimonies.

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