Short Leave Messages SMS to Boss


Hello sir! I am sending this SMS to you as I suddenly fell off from staircase at the workplace. At that time I didn’t realize the pain it caused but now since it’s been a while I am feeling very bad pain in my back. I request you to kindly allow me to get a short leave so that I can go to my doctor to have him examine if everything is alright with my spinal cord.


I am typing this message in a very distressful state as I just got the sad news of my grandmother’s death. I am still shocked as I visited her the last week and she was doing perfectly fine. I request you to grant me a short leave right now so that I can go to her place and see if someone has pranked me.  


This message is not an easy job for me at all since I am feeling extremely low right now due to severe food poisoning. So I request you to let the company’s driver-assist me to the hospital as it would be a great favor. I am unable to walk due to the unconditional feebleness I am suffering from. This act of kindness would be highly appreciated.  


I was out in break time to have lunch which has been my practice for a long time as well. I had an accident while coming back to the office. I thought that I was getting late for office and suddenly my car got clashed with the other due to my sheer negligence in a state of hurry. I got some real injuries on my back and feel exhausted since this life-threatening experience left me in shock. So I request you to kindly allow me to go home and get over this dwindling state of mind. 


Hello sir! The purpose of writing this message is to ask you for a short leave as my brother has given me a surprise by informing me that his plane is about to land. He was out of the country for the last three years and couldn’t come for a single time even due to some personal issues. So I anticipate that you can understand the utmost level of my happiness followed by granting me the short leave.      


This message is to seek your permission to leave the workplace before time as I just got a call from my family that they need me to resolve an issue instantly. I want a short leave as I have to depart as soon as possible since I am supposed to go to my hometown [MENTION NAME] which is a good distance from here. 


I am writing this message in a state of absolute hurry since I got a call from my neighbor that my wife who was in her last days of delivery needs to be taken to the hospital immediately. I am sure you will not hesitate to allow me to get a short leave for such a life-taking moment. Waiting for your swift reply!    


I am extremely worried while typing this message to you as I received a call from my son’s school informing me that he has been hurt badly after falling from a swing. They are taking him to the emergency ward. Please grant me a short leave to assist my kid in such a tragic condition.   


This message is to ask for a short leave as I completely forgot about my already set appointment with my doctor. I waited for a long to get this appointment done. That is why I cannot delay or postpone it as it might take me more than three months to get another appointment and I am already late for that. So it would be a favor if you allow me to leave the office right after the lunch break. 


I am writing this SMS to you to request a short leave as I am feeling extremely low with a fever and cannot pay the needed attention to my work. I will be highly thankful to you for your consideration.

Short leave message to boss
Short Leave Messages SMS to Boss
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