Leave Messages (SMS) to Boss


This message is to inform you that I am unwell and feeling very down due to which I won’t be able to make it today. I would be highly obliged if you grant me a leave for one day so that I can take proper rest and join office in a healthy and active mood.


Hello Sir! I want to keep this thing informed that I had to take off today due to a sudden family emergency. So, I won’t be able to mark my presence in the office. Kindly accept my leave for one day. I shall be very thankful to you for this courtesy.


It’s a negligence on my part that I did not inform you prior for an off day, as I got fully overloaded with a bunch of work, and hectic routine made me ignorant of my routine checkup for which I had already booked my appointment from my physician a month ago. Thanks to the reminder on my phone that I got to know, otherwise assigned tasks in the absence of Mr. [MENTION NAME] were on my mind since last week as I had to be vigorous on his place as well. It is awaited that you will take my application into consideration.


Hello Boss! It is very sad and unfortunate to convey you that I dealt with a car accident today while I was on my way to my workplace. Luckily, I didn’t get many wounds, but I am not in a good condition to appear today for work and it would be impossible for me to present myself as my clothes are not presentable for office setup. Also, slight injuries are causing immense pain. I request you to take my apologies for not making it to the work today.


I am apologetic for this unanticipated off day that I want to avail today. I was prepared to arrive for the workplace but unfortunately, I fell off from the stairs yesterday and got numerous injuries, still in agony and can’t manage to walk properly. Due to prevailing extreme cold season, the body pains are unbearable. For this I have been advised by doctor to take painkillers and proper rest with healthy diet. I anticipate that you will understand this occasional state of mine. Thanking you in advance.



This message clarifies you as my leave application. I am dealing with food poisoning and severe stomachache, since last night, due to which I did not take my sleep well. I thought to inform you earlier, but I was totally overwhelmed by the poorest ailment that I couldn’t manage to take notice of it. I am going to see my doctor soon to get myself recovered and treated so that I can get back to the work in sound health since feebleness has critically stunned me. Confidently you will comprehend it and grant me sick leave for three days from [MENTION DATE] to [MENTION DATE].   


I apologize for leaving the office before lunch time, without having informed my colleagues as I received the depressed news of my grandmother’s unexpected demise. I couldn’t manage to accept this shocking yet gloomy message and hurried to my grandma’s place in no time. After wards, I came to realize my unconscious blunder and thought to explain my genuine reason to you. Kindly allow me two leaves to be present at my grandmother’s funeral.


I am writing this to notify you that I have to attend my childhood pal’s big day and to make her day unforgettable and remarkable in showing her utmost standing in my life, I want three holidays with effect from [MENTION DATE] to [MENTION DATE. It’s a humble request to approve my leave as soon as possible.


This SMS caters you as my official appeal for three days off from [MENTION DATE] to [MENTION DATE]. I require this leave instantly as my older child is not in good health and is suffering from fever. For this purpose, I need to visit my town to look after my kid. Anxiously waiting for your immediate response to leave for my home!    


I am so glad and thrilled to share that my spouse is in the last phase of pregnancy and the due date is approaching very fast. It’s a very crucial time for her and she needs me the most at this stage. As this is going to be our first new born and I can’t wait to hold my child in my arms, I really want to be with my wife in this sensitive time and a couple of weeks after the delivery.

I hope you realize my circumstances well and approve my paternity leave from today with effect from [MENTION DATE] to [MENTION DATE] so that I could accomplish my duties and cherish the memorable moments of my baby’s arrival in this world. I will be extremely grateful to you for this courtesy.