Not Feeling Well Message/SMS to Boss


Good day sir! I want to tell you via SMS that I am feeling really down with fever due to which I am afraid that I won’t be able to be present at work today. I request you to kindly allow me the leave for today keeping in mind the pathetic health state I am suffering from.


As I have already announced my pregnancy news in the office, I want to tell you that I am suffering from bad morning sickness and today it seems like it will get everything out of my system. Kindly allow me the leave for today so that I could calm my inner self in the best way. Your consideration of this matter would be highly appreciable. 


I am not feeling well at all as a serious wave of dismay and panic has attacked me from nowhere. I think I need complete rest for today in order to soothe the feelings of utmost dejectedness. I will meet you tomorrow in the office. Please accept my leave request for today. 


My blood tests report has been received. It clearly states that I have some serious issues with my kidneys. The doctor advised me in the comment section to take leave for at least one week in order to take the best possible care and treatment for the highlighted issue as otherwise, it could create massive uneasiness in my body system.


The purpose of writing this SMS to you is to inform you that I have been diagnosed with jaundice. My doctor has advised me to take needed treatment for that along with proper rest so that I could overcome the weakness caused by it as soon as possible. I request you to grant me leave for 5 days to help me combat my disease. I would be highly thankful to you for this act of kindness.


Dear sir this SMS is a written request to you to let me avail leave for 3 days since I am suffering from a very bad stomachache for the last many days. I want to visit my doctor to get examined thoroughly in order to avoid some catastrophic health condition. Your understanding of this matter would be respected.  

Not feeling well message to boss