Salary Increment Proposal to Management

A salary increment proposal to management is written when you want to suggest the management increase the salary of the employees. The purpose of this letter is to convince the management that the employee’s salary should be increased. This letter can be written for one person or the whole staff.

Basic guidelines for writing a salary increment suggestion:

If you want to write a letter that holds weight and also convinces the reader, read the tips given below:

  1. Give your introduction before you write the suggestion because the management does not allow everyone to write this proposal.
  2. Discuss the reason for suggesting the increment in the salary. Make sure that you have a concrete reason to give. You should be in a position to share such statements that can show that your suggestions make sense.
  3. Since you are asking for a raise in the monthly payment, it is your responsibility to give proof. For this purpose, you can attach the performance report.
  4. Don’t be ashamed of writing this suggestion whether you are writing it for yourself or on behalf of someone.
  5. Remember that the employer has a right to reject your suggestion. Therefore, you should not lose hope if you face rejection. You can try harder next time and suggest some more strong foundations.
  6. Your tone in the letter should not be commanding as you are not issuing an order. Rather, use a tone such that the reader can feel you are giving a proposal.

Read the sample letter given below for a better understanding

Sample letter 1:

Subject: Salary revision for the batch [ABC] on account for [XYZ]

Respected sir,

Thank you so much for allowing me to write this proposal letter. Through this letter, I would like to suggest the management of the company increases the salary of the staff. I am proposing an increment in the salary because I have seen that many people are not satisfied at the workplace. After all, they feel that they are not being paid enough. Some of them are also compelled to do another job to make ends meet.

There has been a decline in the performance of the staff because they are not being rewarded for showing good performance. Therefore, I would like to suggest an increment of 10% in the salary of every employee. This will motivate them and make them work harder than before. I guarantee you that you will see good results after the increment.

I hope that you will consider my proposal and take action on it. You can have a meeting with me to discuss this proposal in detail. Feel free to contact me at [contact]. I will wait for your response.


Salary Increment Proposal Letter to Management

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Sample letter 2:

Subject: Revision of Salary and Remuneration for the year [X]

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to humbly ask you to review my salary. As a supervisor of the staff in the company, I have always been someone the company can fall back on for extra work and additional responsibilities. I have always tried to fulfill my responsibilities with diligence. You can check my track record with the company. My performance has always been exceptional. I believe that my performance in the company is a big justification for the increment in my salary.

As per the policies of the company, the pay increment can be made based on the performance of the employee. I have shown the following performance improvements:

  1. Supervision of the successful construction project team
  2. Devising successful marketing strategies
  3. Working in collaboration with other departments to achieve goals
  4. Review of performance of every individual working under me and reporting their performance

Based on the performance I have demonstrated; I believe that I deserve to get an increment in my salary. Thank you so much for paying attention to this matter. I hope that you will review my salary as well as my proposal for a salary increment. You can contact me for more information.


Salary Increment Proposal Letter to Management

Size: 33 KB