Appreciation Message for Hardwork and Dedication


Hey there, hope you are chilling on the weekend. I am sending this text message to tell you how dedicated and hard-working you have proved yourself to be in the previous days. Your dedication to the project [NAME THE PROJECT] has been tremendous. I am greatly thankful to you for your sheer honesty in the work. I appreciate your work as an employer and highly rely on your thoughtfulness and dedicated approach to many decisions related to this project. Thank you for being part of us.


Hello John, this is Mike from work. I hope you are not too busy to read my appreciation note. Yes, I really thought it important to tell you how hard-working and dedicated you are. I am working in the corporate sector as a manager for years but only a few show such sincerity in their work. I am obliged to tell you this. Please note that we acknowledge your honest services. Thank you. See you on Monday!


Good morning, Drake, I hope I am not disturbing you on a cheerful weekend. I really wish you achieve high positions and devotion. Your endeavors shall not go in vain; I am sure. Your contribution to the company means a lot and it will bring great rewards for all of us. I just want to let you know how much it means to us. You are a great employee and a wonderful manager man. See ya!


Dear Michael, thank you so much for making my day. I just went through the presentation you made for the project [NAME]. The presentation is so comprehensive and well-composed. It itself explains how much work you have put into it. Even being much meticulous, I could not find a single mistake. I hope you will keep up with the same energy, hard work, and dedication at work. I really appreciate your presentation. Thanks, b-bye


Hello Jennifer, I always had faith in your intelligence and brave ideas. Your research has been published in the [NAME THE JOURNAL] in chapter [X] of section [X]. I was over the moon after having your name amongst highly qualified and great scholars. Dear, you have made me proud, and you are my best student. I have started getting messages from different members of the faculty in your acclaim. Dear, you have earned great respect from the whole school. Thank you for demonstrating such hard work and dedication girl! Good luck!

Appreciation message for hard work and dedication


Good evening, George, usually I don’t send texts to my employees on weekends, but it was urgent and you will be glad that it is not about giving you a task but to appreciate you. I always knew that you have a great interest in project management, and you will excel in this. Your innovative ideas and scheme of thought have really made this project an exception.

I have never seen a project in many companies so well-knitted in thought and presented in such an excellent way. I am very happy with your work, especially the presentation you gave on Monday. Our clients are very happy to work with us and they have agreed to the given conditions. I credit this to you. Thank you for showing so much dedication, hard work, and resilience. You are a champ! Take care.

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