Proof of Business Partnership Letter

Business partnerships are important and can help a business out. The partnership can be valuable when both sides take it seriously. All procedures must be handled carefully for this to turn out successfully. Proof of business partnership letter is important and should be drafted for any business partnership.

Proof of business partnership letter confirms a partnership between the various parties. The letter provides details that are a part of the partnership.

A business verification letter is important because it highlights the partner’s rights as well as responsibilities. The letter is a document that provides proof of the partnership and its terms. If any disagreement occurs, later on, this partnership letter can be taken out as proof to confirm the points. Both parties have proof of the partnership when they have this letter.

If you need to draft proof of partnership, you should do this carefully as it is a document that may be used in legal proceedings if needed. The following points can be kept in mind when making it:

Start the letter with…

  • State your name, the name of your organization, and its address.
  • Give the name of the receiver, their organization’s name, and their address.
  • The subject of the letter lets one know what it is about. It can be in bold. The subject can be “Proof of business partnership”
  • You can do this with “Dear” and their name.

Pro tip…

  • You can start by showing your enthusiasm for the business partnership with the recipient. State how this partnership can help both parties out. You can then say that you are writing the letter as proof of the business partnership. Tell how the agreement is a legal document that states how the business is run as well as details of the relationship between both parties.

    It is important to let the receiver know that both parties need to maintain all rules and regulations. Write how long the partnership will be for. You can state the terms that need to be followed and the percentage of ownership of the partnership. Mention any important details of the partnership. Let the receiver know the way problems will be resolved. End by stating that you hope the partnership will give success to all concerned.

End the letter

  • The letter can be ended by thanking the reader. You can then say “Regards” and give your name and signature. The signature will make the document more valid.
  • The letter must be read before sending it. You should fix any spelling and grammar mistakes. If these are present the letter will not look professional.

Proof of business partnership letter should be written in a way that the other party takes it as a serious document. The above tips can be kept in mind when creating it.

Sample Letter


Subject: Proof of Partnership and Confirmation of Partnership by Bilateral Contract

Dear [NAME],

With respect to the above-mentioned subject, it is to refer that [NAME THE FIRST PARTY] and [SECOND PARTY] have been tied as business partners to the [NAME THE BUSINESS]. We have completed all the requirements and welcome all kinds of requisitions to be done before [DATE]. After the said date, no plea or nomination shall be entertained.

This letter serves as proof of a business partnership between the two parties. We are sending copies of this letter to Local Law Enforcement, the Office of Local Attorney and Executive Magistrate, and the Sub-divisional office of the Ministry of Trade and Common Transportation.

We are pleased to announce that [PARTY-A] and [PARTY-B] have officially agreed as business partners with a 60:40 ratio of profit and loss. [A] has been given a total share of 60% whereas [B] shall be entertained with 40% of the total share. These shares have been concluded with the mutual consent of the parties and all the conditions have been mentioned in the attached copy of the contract.

We also announce that the partnership is based on bilateral interests and each party is liable to all sorts of litigation and budgetary laws under section [NAME THE CLAUSE & ARTICLE OF LAW] of Laws of Labor and Corporate Management. As the company works under the federal government, therefore, it will work as per conditions put by the laws of the federal government.

Both parties share equal status in the executive powers, internal management, finance management, checks and balances, and recruitment. Both parties shall carry a single stance before taking any decision on behalf of the company. Moreover, profit and loss shall be divisible according to the shares of the shareholders i.e. (60,40).

We request you please look at the attached documents of the partnership contract. If anything is missing, please let us know to avoid any trouble in the future. Thank you.

To contact [PARTY-A], contact: [PHONE]

To contact [PARTY-B], contact: [PHONE].




Subject: [ABC] business partnership verification for [X]

Dear (name of the recipient),

I am delighted that both our organizations have agreed to this partnership. It is a huge deal and both of us can benefit from it. I am writing this letter as proof of the business partnership.

We know that the agreement is a legal document that states the way the business is run and tells about the relationship between both parties.

All parties must maintain the rules and regulations that have been set. We need to be loyal to one another.

(State the terms of the agreement). The percentage of ownership will be (state the percentage). We need to give financial accounting to all partners as per the rule. Profits and losses need to be split (tell how). We have agreed that this partnership will be valid till (tell the duration).

All partnerships experience challenges. We have decided to handle these (tell how).

I hope the partnership will be a success for all concerned.