Transport Company Introduction Letter

When a new business establishes itself, it will want to get customers. The business needs to market itself and get known. It needs to introduce itself. If you are in the transport business, you will also have to do this. A transport company introduction letter can help out here.

A transport company introduction letter is a letter that a transport company’s representative will write, letting others know about the company. It can allow people to know about the services that the company will provide.

Company Introduction

A company introduction letter is important as it lets a startup inform people about its company. It is a formal way of doing this. It allows a company to professionally inform potential clients about the services that they will give. The letter can be kept by clients when they are looking for a transport company’s help. The important details of the company can be stated in the letter.

A transport introduction letter should be written in a way that the reader will want to get the services provided by this company. The letter must give a good impression. The following points can be kept in mind when writing the letter:


  • The letter should be typed and not written by hand.
  • The date that the letter has been written should be provided.
  • State the name, designation, company name, and address of the person writing the letter.

Main Body

  • Subject: This will briefly tell what the letter is about. It can be something like a “Transport company introduction letter”. This can be written in bold.
  • Address reader: The reader should be addressed with something like “Respect6ed Sir/Madam”. If you know their name, you can provide it.

Letter Body

You will start by telling what the letter is about. You will state that you have started a new business related to transport. Inform the reader that you know it is tough to trust a new setup but that they can depend on your company. You will give reasons why your company is the one to choose. Briefly tell what facilities the company can provide. You can give details on how the person can contact you if they want to do business with you. End by thanking the reader for taking out time to consider your letter.

You can end with “Regards” and then your name, job designation, company name, and contact details.

Read it carefully

The letter should be read carefully before sending it so that you can make sure that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes. If these are present, the letter will not be taken seriously and a bad impression of your company will be given. You should only include important points in the letter as too many details confuse and most people may not even bother reading them. Just highlight the main points.

A transport company introduction letter is one which should convince the reader to want to avail of your services. The letter must be written in a positive and formal tone. It is professional in nature. The above points can be kept in mind when writing it.

Sample Letters


Re. Introduction to [NAME] Freight Company

Dear Mr. [NAME],

It is a great pleasure to write to you. This letter has been written on behalf of the General Manager of [NAME] Transporters and Freight Company. The letter introduces the transport company’s business, objectives, and market existence. For the very first, I would like to thank you for providing us with the chance to introduce our business and taking the time to get a view.

Our company has been providing delivery facilities all over the state in the [NAME THE STATE/COUNTRY]. Our company was founded in 19XX by the reverend Mr. [NAME]. The company started its business as food delivery, but it gradually increased its horizon of work by adding medicine delivery, vegetables, and other edibles like bakery items, fruits, and nuts.

The company saw various challenges in the beginning due to the economic stress all over the country in 20XX but then it caught speed and started operating in more than ten cities. Earlier we started the project from three major cities only but the high demand for freights and transport business provided us with the opening of more than ten offices and company booths.

[NAME] has started working in the transport business in [NAME THE POTENTIAL CLIENT’S CITY] as well. We are operating in twelve cities including yours. We shall be highly grateful if you visit the company and gave us chance to serve you.

The company is a registered company and holds TBDS licensing for transporting carriers, drivers, trucks, cranes, and cargo. We have highly trained drivers and management staff who make the strenuous work of transportation a smoother task.

We have a supervising team who supervise the task of freighting and transportation across the country. We also provide transportation services across borders (name the countries you can serve).

For further information, you can contact our admin Mr. [NAME] at [PHONE NUMBER]. You can also write to our General Manager at [EMAIL]. Thank you.


Sub: Company Introduction Letter to [XYZ]

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have started a new transportation business namely, (give the name of the business). I know that it is tough to trust any new setup in comparison to established businesses in the market. However, I can assure you that no regrets will be present if you choose this company.

(Tell why they should choose your company; state positive points about it). I have top-quality registered cars and trucks.

I have attached all the official details of the company. You can contact me at (give your phone number where they can contact you). I hope to hear from you. Thank you.