Request Letter for Salary Certificate for Bank Loan

There may be different needs of an employee for which s/he applies for a bank loan. A salary certificate is one of the most important documents that is needed by the bank to process the request for loan issuance.

Every employee demands a salary certificate when s/he wants the bank to issue the loan. The salary certificate is an official document that is issued by the employer when an employee requests it.

This certificate contains information about the employee such as total salary, total deductions on a monthly basis, and summary of net salary received by the employee, and a lot more.  These details are important for any bank to obtain to know the financial condition of the person asking for a loan.  Based on the salary certificate, the bank decides whether the employee should be issued the loan.

Salary certificates are very important for employees who want to get a loan. It is mandatory for the employee to submit their salary certificate to the bank to avail of the loan service of the bank. The bank primarily uses this document to verify the income and the ability of the borrower to pay off the loan.

The salary request letter is written briefly. There is no need to add unnecessary details to it. The reason for requesting for salary certificate should be given in this letter. However, it is not mandatory.

Write the letter in a formal tone. End the letter on a positive note. You can also state the exact amount that you want to get so that the company can know if a salary certificate is going to help you.

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I am writing to request your help in providing me with a salary certificate for a bank loan. I am in a situation where I urgently need financial support to fulfill some medical expenses. The bank requires a salary certificate to verify my income and ensure that I qualify for the loan.

I, therefore, kindly request you prioritize the issuance of my salary certificate within the next two days. This would greatly assist me in completing my loan application and addressing my immediate financial needs.

I understand that the accounts department has many prior commitments, but I sincerely ask for your understanding and support during this challenging time. Your prompt response and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I eagerly look forward to a positive response along with the timely issuance of my salary certificate.


I am writing to request a salary certificate that verifies my position at the company and provides my salary details from the period May 20XX to May 20XX. The document is required in order to approve my bank loan application.

I have recently applied for a loan at ABC Bank in order to carry out some necessary house repairs. However, the bank will not approve the requested loan unless I provide proof of my employment and a stable source of income. It is for this reason that I seek the issuance of my salary certificate as this document will speed up my loan application process.

Kindly issue the requested document as soon as possible. I look forward to your assistance and cooperation.

Thank you for your consideration.

Letter -3

I have been working in your company as a sales manager for the last 5 years. I need to apply for a bank loan. It is the requirement of the bank to provide a salary certificate. I am therefore requesting you to issue me the salary certificate. I would like to request you process my request application at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Letter -4

Hello Mike,

I am writing this to request you to please issue me the salary certificate for my account. My employment ID is A-0987.

I am applying for a bank loan and for that, my bank requires me to submit my salary details in writing. Please issue me the certificate no later than the 5th of July and include all the details in order so that the process can be completed without any ambiguity.


Letter -5

This letter is a request to issue me the salary certificate for getting a loan from the bank.

The details to be included in the certificate requires the following:

  • Employee details
  • Employee designation
  • Working period
  • Contact details
  • Gross salary
  • Details of deductions
  • Net salary

I’ll be thankful if it doesn’t get later than the 9th of August.


Request Letter for Salary Certificate for Bank Loan
Request Letter for Salary Certificate for Bank Loan
Request Letter for Salary Certificate
Request Letter for Salary Certificate for Bank Loan
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