Apology Letter for not Attending Meeting due to Illness

Meetings are conducted in almost every business and it is very important for every employee to attend the meeting since very important decisions are taken in meetings and some very important reports are also made. It is mandatory for every employee to participate in the meeting because the future of the company is determined there.

There are some situations when a person is not able to attend a meeting because of many reasons. One of the most common reasons for not attending the meeting is illness. If an employee is ill and unable to attend the meeting, it is important for him to inform everyone before the meeting starts. It is quite possible that the company may reschedule the meeting so that presence of every participant is ensured.

One of the best ways to inform the company about your actions is to write an apology letter for being ill.

How to write an apology letter?

The apology letter should be started with information about the employee so that the employer can identify him. You can also add your employee ID number to make the identification easier.

Write some details about the illness that you are facing. To prove that you are ill, attach some documents with the letter that can support your statements such as a doctor’s prescription, medical certificate, and a lot more.

Also, mention in the letter that you tried to delay your appointment with the doctor, but you couldn’t do so for some reason.

End the letter with the hope that the employer will understand your situation. If the employee has rescheduled the meeting, inform the employee that you will attend the meeting with passion and interest. Also, thank him for rescheduling the meeting for you.

Few Tips for writing an apology letter:

  1. Keep the tone of the letter formal.
  2. Write the letter in such a way that the employer can feel your guilt for not attending the meeting.
  3. Attach the documents that can prove that you were ill on that day



Hope you had a very productive meeting yesterday.

I know this meeting was scheduled a week ago. I had done all my preparations for the presentation. But as I woke up in the morning, I had a bad migraine. I have been suffering from these headaches for quite a long time now and migraine makes me slow and weak.

So, as a matter of last resort, I had to email you the presentation and take a day off from work which means skipping the meeting as well. I have just received the minutes of the meeting and I will be reviewing them before coming back to work.

Thanks for understanding the situation.


Apology Letter for not Attending Meeting due to Illness

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I apologize for not attending the 9 am meeting today. I have been feeling under the weather and have not been able to attend work today. I shall be in touch with XYZ to update me about the important points highlighted in the discussion.

I apologize again for not being present at the meeting. I am extremely regretful for the inconvenience.


I am writing to apologize for not attending our scheduled meeting today since I have been suffering from a high-grade fever due to the prevailing viral infection. I am grateful to XYZ for carrying out the presentation in my place. I hope he was able to explain our project proposal to you.

Once I have recovered, I shall get in touch with you to further discuss our plan. We may reschedule a meeting to discuss your concerns. In the meanwhile, you may contact XYZ anytime for your queries and suggestions.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience. I shall be grateful for your cooperation and patience.