Payslip Request Letter from Previous Employer

The letter to request pay slip is often written by the people to their previous employer. There are many reasons for which you may have to contact your previous employer for the issuance of pay slip. Sometimes, your new job requires you to submit the pay slip.

Many people also need salary slip to avail different type of benefits. No matter for which reason you need to get the salary slip, you are required to write the request letter in a formal way.

Tips to write the request letter:

  1. Start the letter by addressing your formal employer in a respectful manner.
  2. Mention the date on which you are writing this letter. Mentioning date is important since it makes you provide your request letter as a proof that you have requested for the salary slip.
  3. Tell your old employer about the dates you started to work for his company and the dates you were dismissed or resigned from the job.
  4. To be identified easily, mention the post on which you have worked as well as the department.
  5. Amount of money owed by you such as overtime salary, compensation, bonuses and a lot more.
  6. Inform your previous employer that it is important for you to get the salary slip.
  7. Mention the purpose of requesting. It is not compulsory for you to mention the purpose, however, the employer may be able to support you more conveniently if s/he knows the purpose.
  8. Write the date by which you need the salary slip.

Here is a sample letter that will be beneficial for you if you want to get the more structured and well-formatted letter of request written for getting salary slip

Letter -1

I have worked in your company from 6th April 2016 to 7th August 2017. I resigned from the job on 1st July 2017. My last day at work was 7th August 2017. It is humbly requested that please issue me the salary slip of at least 4 months that I need for some personal reasons. I will be thankful to you.

Letter -2

Salary slip request letter from previous employerI worked in [Company Name] from September 2005 to February 2011 at a position of [POSITION]. My job details and experience letter issued by the same is attached to this letter.


I am writing this to request you to please issue me a payslip for the period from June 2010 to December 2010. I need this salary slip details for personal reasons. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.


Letter -3

Payslip request letter from previous employerMy name is Mike and I have worked for your company for five years.  In these five years, I have been practically performing various positions.  The last post was of Senior Accountant. The duration of this post was eight months starting from October 2016 to June 2017.

I am writing this letter to obtain the salary slip record for this period. The salary slip record is needed for personal reasons. For your convenience, I have attached my job description form and experience certificate with this letter. Hope it helps to specify the process in detail.

Looking forward to your prompt response.