Employee Salary Certificates

Employee salary certificate is one of the major documents used in every business. This certificate is issued upon the request of the employee. There can be certain reasons for which an employee may request a salary certificate. The reason for the certificate is being issued by an organization is mentioned in the certificate.

The purpose of salary certificate:

The main purpose of this certificate is to prove that the employee is an independent person and has a regular income. It has a purpose of proving that the holder of the certificate is a trustworthy person and in the position to payback on the specified time.

When to use salary certificate?

These certificates may be needed when a person wants to apply for a loan or for any rental purpose. It also acts as a guarantee of the applicant that he will be able to pay on time. Many businesses ask the person to show his salary certificate before starting any business dealing with him. The basic objective is to secure them.

These certificates should be prepared in a simple and easy to understand format. All those details are added to this certificate that a person may need to show that he is earning the specific amount of money each month and capable enough to pay back the money in case of the termination of any agreement.

Details of salary certificate:

The main details that are added in this certificate are:

  1. All the details of the person including contact information, address, name, company name, designation in the company
  2. The gross salary of the person including basic salary and other allowances
  3. The details of the deductions
  4. Total deductions
  5. Date at which the employee joined the company
  6. The date at which the employee will be retired
  7. Date of joining on a present designation
  8. The reason for issuing the salary certificate
  9. Signature of the officer who has been given the authority to issue the certificate upon the request and several other details

The details given in the certificate should not contradict with each other. Make sure the details are based on true facts and figures.

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