Payment Reminder Letter

Whether you lease a house, give a loan, or rent a car, there comes the issue of payments and sometimes the process of payment gets stuck when you’re not paid in time. In such situations, payment reminder letters help.

Payment reminder letters are basically notification letters to remind the customer about the payment that is due to him. Since professional people do everything professionally, it is important that you keep your payment reminder letters concise, precise, and professional.

We are sharing with you some tips and samples to help you write a better letter.

  • There can be many reasons why your customer is late with a payment. Sometimes, they only need to be reminded and not warned.
  • Do not use threatening or harsh language when you write a payment reminder letter.
  • Because you’re reminding the customer about the dues that he owes to you, write the amount clearly.
  • It is not recommended to write about the legal consequences if you’re writing the first payment notification letter, but in case you’ve already reminded your customer twice or thrice about the due payments and he doesn’t respond, it is then better to include some warnings in the letter.
  • Since everyone faces hard times, your customer might be facing so. It is, therefore, a professional way to present the customer’s easy payment methods if he is not able to pay the load all at once.
  • In case you realize the matter needs to be discussed face to face, give an invitation to your customer in a payment reminder letter to have a meeting with you.

Since payment reminder letters can be written in many formats, we want you to give a look at this sample after reading the tips. We’re sure it will help you write a professional letter with all requirements.

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Overdue payment reminder letter

Dear [Name of Client/Customer],

Please address this letter as a reminder that you are overdue for the payment of [Service/Product]. The original payment due date was [Date]. It has been [Number of Days/Weeks] over the due date. If the payments are not made by [Extended Due Date], we will have to stop providing you with [Product/Service].

Outstanding payment reminder letter

Dear [Name of Client/Customer],

Please address this letter as a payment reminder. The bill generated for the [Purchased Item/service] purchased is now overdue by [Number] days. We would like to advise you to make the due payments as soon as possible.

If you have any queries please contact our client/customer support. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

Late payment reminder letter

Dear [Name of Client/Customer],

This is to inform you that the original due date for the payment of [Goods/Services] was [Date]. Due to the non-payment in the specified time, you will be charged an extra rate of [Number] over the original fee. The extra charges will be applied every week until the dues are cleared off.

You can inquire about the new bill when you are about to make the payments.

Friendly payment reminder letter

Dear [Name of Client/Customer],

Hey. Hope you are well. Please address this letter as a reminder that the date of payment for [Items/Service] is due on the [Date]. We hope you will clear your dues in time.

If you have any queries about the payment method, contact our customer support at the provided contact details.

Payment reminder letter before the due date

Dear [Name of Client/Customer],

This letter is a reminder of the required payments to be made before the due date, which is [Due Date]. It is strongly advised to you to make the payments in due time. Payments made after the due date will have late fee charges applied to the original bill.

If you have any queries, please contact us on the provided customer support details.

Strong payment reminder letter

Dear [Name of Client/Customer],

The payment for the [Product/Space] is due next week for collection. Please remember to make the payments on the date. No excuses for delayed payments will be entertained. Failure to make the required payments in due time will result in the dismissal of the contract.

Rental payment reminder letter

Dear [Name of Renter],

We will be collecting the rental payments on [Date]. Please remember to make the required payments in due time. If you are in need of extra time for payments, please contact us so we can discuss the matter.

Mortgage payment reminder letter

Dear [Name of Mortgagor],

This letter is being sent as a reminder that the date for the mortgage payment is [Date]. Please make the required payments in due time. Any negligence in the payments will not be favorable to you.

School fee payment reminder letter

Dear [Mr/Ms/Mrs.],

This is a reminder that the school fee has not been paid yet. The due date is [Date]. The late payment date is [Date]. Please make the due fee payments in time as students with unpaid fee challans will not be allowed to attend school until the dues have been cleared.

Payment reminder letter

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