Letters to Grant a Promotion or Raise

The job promotion or salary raise letter is a formal letter written by the employer to its employee. This letter serves as a notification of the granted promotion or the salary raise to the employee. In this letter, the employer provides the details of the new designation including the changes in duty and responsibilities as well as changes in the salary figure.

Companies have different ways to announce employee promotions or salary increases. For instance, now, sending emails is common. Some companies even hold annual functions to announce such news. However, no matter what way is chosen by a company, a formal letter is still usually issued. It may be sent after the email or the annual event but it does get associated with the promotion or raise announcement. The reasons are twofold: one because it is a formal communication and secondly because a copy can be kept in the employee file.

The general format of the letter includes the following details:

  • Date
  • Details of the employer
  • Details of the employee
  • Promotion or raise announcement
  • Congratulatory statement
  • Date from which it will be in effect
  • New designation, duties, responsibilities, salary, or any other details
  • Details of change in reporting structure upwards as well the change in the number of subordinates
  • Encouragement to continue hard work and climb up the ladder
  • Leave room for any questions

Attaining a promotion or raise would be a big achievement for the employee. Therefore, when the employer is writing this letter, although it needs to be formal, it should have a congratulatory tone.

Sample -1

With great pleasure, I announce your promotion to the post of senior manager. Analyzing your performance over the years, the board members have decided to grant you a promotion. As the new job comes with many new responsibilities, we wish you the best of luck. We believe that you will be able to administer everything within no time. Your detailed duties will be enlisted to you in a few days; meanwhile, you can shift to your new office and enjoy working from there.

Letter to grant promotion to an employee

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Sample -2

Congratulations! You have been promoted to the post of sales executive. This is the result of your utmost hard work and dedication which has forced the board members to decide in your favor. The new job will come up with new challenges and tasks that will help you grow more as an individual by exploring things.

You will have to meet Mr. Joe who will give you a detailed description of your new job. Still, if you find any issues with the job, you can talk to us.

Leter to grant promotion of an employee

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Sample -3

Many congratulations to you on receiving the promotion. You have been promoted to the post of the senior executive. Your hardworking nature has made you eligible for the job. It is your dedication that has helped pave the way for advancement.

For your new job, you will not be given any prior training, but Mr. Smith will assist you in your initial days so that if any issue arises we can resolve it. Wish you the best of luck.

Announcement of promotion or raise of an employee

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Letters to Grant a Promotion or Raise
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