Letters Introducing a Product or Service

Product or service introduction letters are written by the companies to their existing or potential customers. In this letter, the company announces the introduction of its new product or service or additional features of an existing product or service.

One of the purposes the letter serves, apart from informing the customers, is related to the promotional aspect of the product or service. By informing the customers, the company makes them aware and entices them to use the new product or service. This will help the company in increasing its revenues leading to increased profits.

The general format usually used to write this letter is:

  • Date
  • Details of the company
  • Details of the recipient/customer
  • Details of the new product or service or new features
  • Details of the benefits of the offering and the need or want it may satisfy
  • Statement to show the customers why your product is better than the competitors or tell them if it is an innovative product which is one of its kind
  • Statement to encourage buying of the product or service
  • Offer free samples (if possible) or request them to attend any product introduction event (if it is being held)
  • Offer discounts
  • Leave room for any questions

The letter must be professional and concise and usually issued on company letterhead. In addition, it should serve the purpose of informing the customers appropriately about the new addition to the company offerings.

Sample -1

We at JS are proud to announce the successful launch of kids’ wear in our clothing line. Now we will not only devise clothing which best suits women but also kids. Our much too different clothes will cater to the needs of children aged 7-16 years old. Our exquisite designs will certainly please you and you will go for no other options.

We are offering a discount of 20% for our valued customers. We promise to deliver you the best.

Letter Introducing a Product or Service

Sample -2

The wait is over! Yes, we take pride in announcing the launch of ladies’ handbags in our product line. Now ladies can easily get a bag matched with their clothing from our latest collection of bags. Promising value-added services; we have introduced a variety of casual bags for ladies which would add a lot more value to their clothes. Moreover, we are offering a discount of 15% if you purchase a bag with a suit.

For more information see the attached pamphlet or visit your nearby store.

Letter Introducing a Product or Service

Sample -3

The TRG group has always enjoyed the privilege of meeting the needs of its prestigious customers through innovative ideas. Yes, we have introduced a new line of grocery products. Catering to your needs we have introduced a wide range of grocery products which will be made available at our both outlets. We intend to satisfy our customers by providing them with the best.

Attached is a pamphlet containing details of all the products along with their prices. Do visit our stores.

Letter Introducing a Product or Service
Letters Introducing a Product or Service
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