Letters Announcing Change in Business Address

Companies undergo various changes continually. The employees need to be informed about these changes promptly as they are the stakeholders that might be directly affected by any changes in the companies. Usually, the companies write a letter and send it to their employees which serves the purpose of notification to the employees. One of such changes that may occur is the change in the business address of the company.

A company might want or need to relocate for many purposes. Some of these are:

  • The company is expanding and a bigger place is required.
  • The company was operating from a rental space and now wants to shift to its building.
  • The rent or taxes might have increased if the rented space to a new place is sought.
  • The company was operating in a locality where commercial businesses have been banned.

Whatever the reason for the change, the company wants to announce this change and sometimes the reason as well to its employees to inform them formally. The general format of the letter that is written to the employees is as follows:

  • Date
  • Details of the company.
  • Details of the recipients.
  • Details of the change of business address (including new address and phone or fax number).
  • The reason for the change (if the company wants to disclose).
  • Date of relocation as well as ask them to change the address in the formal documentation.

The employees need to know the new office/factory details and when that would take place so that they can manage their transportation as well as their work-related activities.

Sample 1

ABC store has moved its store to another location. It is now on 6th canal bank road. Our new store is much bigger and is at a convenient location. The space availability has allowed us to a shelf in more products at the store. Enclosed with this letter is the map of our store which will help our customers locate us easily. Hope to see our prestigious customers soon.

Letter announcing change in business address

Sample 2

We are very happy to announce that after much effort we at ASR have successfully shifted our business to another prime location. We will now operate from New South Wales. Our contact numbers will remain unchanged. With this bigger store, we wish to serve our customers with new and innovative products.

Wishing to serve our customers from our new location.

Letter announcing change in business address

Sample 3

The good news, after much negotiation XYZ Pharmaceutical has been allowed to move its store to the main canal road effective from a week from now.  The new store is much bigger than before. Earlier due to less space available we had a limited quantity of medicines to offer but with a bigger store, we can offer our customers more medicines being made available.

Looking for better prospects.

Letter announcing change in business address