Construction Warranty Claim Letter

Construction warranty claims are the fount of conflict amongst contractors and buyers. It is pressure on builders to get clients with the closing so they may pay their suppliers, subcontractors, and employees.

There has come intense shortage since the last few years of experienced supervisors and this thing makes the quality of the contractor’s controlling endeavors more exigent. Unacquainted buyers get exasperated with delays. They get curious about what would be its outcomes if they come out of the deal. When customers make a claim about defects in construction if not get solved courteously, the parties then find them defending legal action or adjudication proceedings.

Delays and disputes have always been part of the construction industry. Even the vigilantly planned projects can have the same issue. It is an important need now to sort out construction claims adepts whose industry experience and services have come out as a distinct forte as a consequence of these claims.

Claim letters are usually persuasive kinds of letters that a customer sends to the agency or to the company to pinpoint a problem related to defected products or services. In other words, it can also be called a complaint letter.

Claim letters are the kind of legal form of communication that serves as proof if a claim is taken towards the court. In most cases, appearance in court is not necessary because the business beneficiary drafts the answer in the form of a letter that sorts out the claim. While writing a letter your tone should be gentle and professional.

Avoid excessive exclamations, emotions, and capitalization. State your issue in a succinct and calm manner and tell them how you like the problem to get resolved. Write your letter in a way expressing the contractor that you want this issue to be dealt with within a certain time period.

Affix copies of documentation, photos, or receipts with your letter and avoid sending original documents. Stating your problem via letter along with your signature will not make the contractor blame for any excuse and argumentation that he has not received your letter. The sample given can be used as a construction warranty claim letter.


13th August 20XX

Noah Elijah
XYZ Organization
Michigan, ABC Branch

Subject: Construction Warranty Claim Letter

I am penning down this letter regarding our discussion that took place on 12-07-20XX in Manchester Main Street no. 789, concerning the faults in the building that was constructed by your party one month ago. 

We are facing numerous problems since the day we have shifted here. First of all, the drainage system is very poor. Toilet’s pipes do not work and water leakage lets the floor wet all the time and thus its usage for all of us is impossible. Flush of the toilets remain littered all the time and don’t work properly. All this has created immense trouble for all of us to work and we are not using it for the last twenty days. Moreover, water from there is forging things smelly and dirty.

In our accepted contract conditions, it was mentioned clearly that any defect would be repaired immediately if within a period of six months. It seems that you have employed weak material for building construction. Otherwise, it could not have defected at this early. We are having a seminar in the next fifteen days and it is impossible to make all the arrangements with this deteriorated condition, so I want you to repair it as soon as possible.

You are considered the best builder and architecture in the town and all this defect is enough to spoil your reputation. The seminar that is going to occur in the coming days is of huge importance for all of us as in its honorable guests are going to provide information related to the company’s future. I do not want this defect to be the reason for the seminar to not occur.

This is my humble request to you to deal with this matter immediately. Affixed with the letter are warranty clauses and a copy of the general conditions of the contract that were fixed between us. 


Justin Heaney

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