30-Days Eviction Notice Template

What is a 30-day eviction notice?

A lot of people make money by letting out their properties. Before a landlord rents his property, he might have some terms and conditions which are included even in the tenancy agreement. If the tenant breaches these conditions, the landlord can evict the tenant by giving them the notice to move out.

The first step is to send an eviction letter to the tenant. If you tell the tenant verbally that they need to vacate the property, they might not listen to you and get rude in return or even worse. By sending a formal letter, the tenants are prone to take it more seriously. Even if the tenant does not leave the property, the eviction notice can be used in the legal proceedings in the court.

For evicting a tenant, it is very important for the landlord to have a valid reason. One of the most valid reasons to evict the tenant is not paying rent on time. Some other reasons for eviction can be damaging the property, not paying rent on time, breaching the condition such as keeping pets when not allowed, having extra people in the property, or not fulfilling any other agreements.

Eviction can be a bold step. Before that, a landlord can consider options such as mediation or talking things out. Eviction not only takes a lot of time but it also requires money.

Time Limit of an Eviction Notice

Even though a landlord owns the property, still a tenant has various rights. The landlord can only evict a tenant if they have a reason to do so. The reason for eviction should be stated in the eviction letter. After sending an eviction notice, the landlord should give them some time to remedy the problem. If you are a polite landlord, you can even give your tenants a 30 day time to improve their behavior and provide a solution to the problems.


If the tenant does not remedy the situation, you can send them the eviction letter. Once, the tenant has been issued the eviction notice, the case will go to the court and the judge will decide the claim. The judge might also look at the facts and decide the legible time for the tenant to vacate the property.

When to use an Eviction Letter

An eviction letter can be used for a tenant, roommate, or anyone sharing a place with you. If they do not leave your place after the verbal notice, an eviction notice can be issued.

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30 day eviction notice template

Eviction Notice Template

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