Expense Approval Request Forms

What is Expense Approval Request Form?

The companies, organizations, and agencies make enormous expenses every month. These expenses may be on the food, transport, purchase of equipment, repairing of machines etc. The nature and amount of expense vary. All expense should be in accordance with the company’s need. Expense other than that does not get approved by the higher authorities. In order to approve the expense from the higher authorities or the finance department, all you need to do is to fill the expense approval request form. This is the official way by which the company gets an idea about the identity of expense and approves or disapprove it as per their policy.

Company Details:

The mandatory company details such as company name, company logo, company address and contact number are mentioned on the request form. It ensures the identity of the company for whom the expense approval request form is being used.

Employee’s Detail:

The expense approval request form contains the slot for the employee’s detail such as his name and designation. It also includes the date on which the expense request is being made. It also demands the name of the authority or person to whom the request is being made.

Expense Details and Estimated Cost:

All details regarding the expense need to be written over here. This detailed information such as the need of expensive and the amount etc. need to be mentioned to aware the higher authorities about it.


The authorities decide between the approval or disapproval of the expense and mark it accordingly. At the bottom of it, there is a place for the signature.

Expense Approval Request Form in MS Word Format:

Get your hands on the most professional expense approval request form by simply download it. Key features of the template are

  • MS Word format: The templates are designed in MS Word software.
  • Printable: The documents are printable once you are done with the editing.
  • Samples: Samples include information by default. Some are needed on your part to complete it.
  • Design: The templates have a professional layout. Feel confident to use it. It has all important details already mentioned in it.
  • Customization: Edit the document as per your requirement.

Preview and Details of Template

Expense approval request form template MS Word


Expense Approval Request Form Template

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Office expense approval request form template MS Word


Office Expense Approval Request Form Template

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