Computer Training Registration Form

In this era of technology, there is not even a single field of life where computers are not used. So if you want to be successful in the career you have chosen yourself, you also need to have at least basic knowledge of computers. People who have no experience of using computers generally have to get training.

Various organizations organize training programs for those who are interested in learning to use computers. If you also want people to sign up for the training program you have initiated, give them a registration form to fill out.

What is a computer training registration form?

 It is a form that is filled out by people who want to be enrolled in the training program. Through this form, they let the training program organizers know that they are interested in learning basic or advanced computer skills. The organizers come to know that the candidate who has filled out the form wants to be part of the computer training program.

What is the basic objective of the computer training sign-up form?

This form is used by trainers to collect information about people who want to participate in the coaching program. Through this form, they obtain a lot of information about the applicant such as their age, things they want to learn, level of computer knowledge they already possess, and much more. This form also lets the organizers know if the candidate who has signed up for the course is eligible or not.

Information collected by the computer coaching program

This form collects some basic information about the person who wants to participate in the training session. It is generally divided into various sections. Let us see what information these forms collect:

Basic details of the applicant:

In the first section, the candidate provides his basic information including his name, date of birth, address, etc. The basic information also includes the qualification details of the applicant.

Details of what a person wants to learn:

Some forms provide a list of items to be learned in the training program. The candidate is given the choice to choose a module of his choice. If a candidate has already enough knowledge about a particular module, he can skip it in the training program.

Where the candidate has heard about the program:

This form is also useful for organizers because they come to know which platform is most effective for them to reach out to interested people.

Form template:

A template is an effective tool because it provides a readymade form for training program organizers. This saves them from having to design a new form from scratch in any format. The editable form enables the user to utilize the flexibility and use the form to make it more convenient and suitable for the organization that is trying to use it for registering interested candidates.

You can either download the template or use it online to create a form that helps an individual in signing up for a training course.

Computer Training Registration Form

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