Email Regarding Downward Review of Salary

A review of the salary is performed by the employer in the company to determine whether the salary of the person is in accordance with the job responsibilities he is fulfilling in the company. This review helps them see if the person is being compensated fairly. After this review, the employer decides to increase or decrease the salary of the employee.

Employees are usually happy when they see an increment in their salary. However, they find it very hard to handle the downward review of the salary. Professional people often try to handle things with professionalism and therefore, they don’t react inappropriately. One of the wisest and most decent ways to deal with the downward review of the salary is to write a letter or an email. 

What is an email regarding the downward review of the salary?

It is a professionally written email that is written in order to discuss the downward review of the salary. It can be written by the employer who wants to discuss the decrement in the salary with the employee. However, employees mostly write this letter to register their reaction to the decrease in their salary. It is very important to remember that employees should not lose their cool when they are writing this email.

When to write?

As soon as you realize that the company has decided to decrease your salary because of any reason, you should start writing this letter. The purpose of writing this email is to let the employer know whether you have accepted this decision or not. It is also written when the company is downsizing and instead of sacking its workers, it has reduced their salary. You can write this letter to assure that you are with the company in this difficult time.

How to write?

Whenever you are writing this email, you should make sure that you are capable of making effective communication. Your email should focus on your tone and the content you are trying to share with the employer. When you can write a professional email, you will never be able to lose your respect in the company. Here are some best ways to follow to write a positive email:

Start with stating the purpose:

Although the subject of the email also tells why you are communicating with the employee, it is important to be clear in the beginning and state that you are writing because you want to have a word with your manager or the employer regarding the downward revaluation of your salary. 

Discuss the reason:

You must have been told the reason when you were informed about the reduction in the salary. So, discuss that reason in detail. If you think that the reason has nothing to do with you, you can tell the employer that it is unfair to deduct your salary. 

If you have decided to accept the reduction because you don’t have any other job right now, you can discuss that too in the letter. 

Claim that you respect your job:

Even if you have accepted the reduction, it doesn’t mean that you believe that you deserved it. Let the employer know that you respect your job and your payment is completed by the responsibilities you fulfill at the workplace. The employer will feel that you have accepted the reduction because you are trying to cooperate with the company and not because you don’t have any other options.

Discuss your next step:

The employer would like to know what is going to be your next move after realizing that your payment has been reduced. Let him know that you are ready to work and cooperate with the company at every level and continue to work with the company in the same position and fulfill your job role as long as you are being respected and valued. 

Tell the company that you are open to discussion:

At the end of the letter, you should let the employer know that you are ready to discuss this matter in detail with them and therefore, they can call you for a meeting or have a discussion with you on the phone. Again, this move will be impressive for the employer.

Sample Email

This is with reference to the company’s recent decision regarding the downward review of your salary. You must have received the official letter stating the details. As you know, the company is facing some financial difficulties that have led us to make some tough choices. However, we want to assure you that the company appreciates your dedication and considers you a valuable asset.

We understand that the current reduction in your salary might lead to financial constraints for you. We are here to support you during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. Let’s have a conversation about this together.

Email regarding downward review of salary