Warning Letter for Putting Wrong Attendance

Maintaining an accurate record of the employees’ attendance is very important. There is a proper system of putting the attendance so that the attendance remains accurate. Every employee in the company must put his attendance along with his arrival and exit time in the attendance log.

Every organization needs to keep track of the attendance of every employee because many details are determined based on attendance such as calculating salary, determining the total number of leaves, deduction on salary on late arrival, and a lot more. Moreover, to calculate the total number of hours the employee has worked out of schedule, the attendance log can be very helpful.

It is the responsibility of the employee to put the attendance correctly so that the attendance issues at the workplace can be avoided.

The employer has a right to write a warning letter to the employee if he is not putting his attendance correctly. It should be ensured before writing the warning letter that the employee has been given many verbal warnings.

Some employees put wrong attendance unintentionally while some do it for fraud and misconduct. No matter what the reason is, writing a warning letter is a professional approach.

Before writing this letter, it should be ensured that the company’s policies are cleared and completely explained to the employee at the time of hiring.

The letter should be written in a professional tone. Keep the tone completely firm but rudeness is not recommended. The letter should have the formal tone of the manager. Here is a sample letter body to help you write a perfect warning letter.

Sample Letter:

It has been repeatedly found that you are putting the wrong attendance in the company’s attendance log. It is often seen that you do not provide the accurate time of your arrival and exit from the company. This type of mischievous behavior is not acceptable at all.

If you do not follow the terms and conditions of the company regarding attendance, we will have to take serious action.


HR Manager

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Warning letter for putting wrong attendance

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We are writing to address a serious concern that has come to our attention. The management has found inconsistencies in the attendance record that is maintained under your supervision.

Let us remind you that the company demands complete accuracy for the attendance record since many of our employees work on daily wages. Errors or deliberate manipulation of the record are highly discouraged.  

You are, therefore, strictly advised to exercise more caution while maintaining the attendance record in the future. Failure to do so may result in strict disciplinary action.

If you have any questions regarding the matter, feel free to reach out.


This letter serves as an official warning for recording the wrong attendance for your department. It has come to our notice that you have been favoring some of your team members by not marking their leave days. This kind of behavior is deemed unethical and shows disloyalty towards the organization.

The discrepancies came to light during the company’s annual audit. Several inconsistencies are a result of manual manipulation of the attendance records. Since you are in charge of maintaining the record, you are accountable for these errors.

You are, henceforth, advised to avoid preferential treatment and practice integrity. You must record the attendance accurately in the future. In case we find any discrepancies in the future, the company will be compelled to take strict action against you.

We sincerely hope you take our warning seriously. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any concerns.


We are writing in response to several complaints made by your subordinates regarding the official attendance register. It has been reported that you have put the wrong attendance on several occasions. This is a matter of deep concern since it suggests a lack of integrity and a breach of the company’s trust.

Accurate attendance records are important since the overall attendance determines an employee’s pay at the end of the month. Additionally, this record also affects the performance and growth record of employees by showing how regularly they have attended work. Any manipulation of this record is, therefore, highly discouraged.

Please consider this as an official warning. If you continue to put wrong attendance in the future, the company will be compelled to take disciplinary action that may include suspension or termination from the job. Therefore, you are advised to be more cautious and responsible.

We expect to see a positive change in response to this letter. Please let us know if you have any queries or concerns.


We are writing to discuss a matter that involves the maintenance of the official attendance record. Since you are responsible for maintaining this record, the company holds you accountable for any errors.

It has come to our notice that there are discrepancies in the attendance of some of the employees. Your manually recorded attendance does not match with the data from our fingerprint scanning system. We have already checked the system and it is functioning properly. It appears that the errors are a result of your carelessness of deliberate manipulation.

You are, therefore strictly advised to avoid putting wrong attendance and maintain error-free records. The company will not tolerate any negligence regarding this matter in the future.

Hoping you will perform the task more responsibly in the future.