Valentine Day Messages for Colleagues/Coworker


Hi dear, how are you? I am sending you this message to say happy Valentine. You are such a sincere person. I never find you in office politics. I still remember the day when I joined the office, I was confused and scared, but you were the only one who supported and guided me about the rules as well as the working environment. Thanks for always being encouraged. I love your humorous nature as well as your sincerity with your work. I would love to stay connected with you, even if I will not be a part of this office. Happy Valentine’s Day once again.

Valentine Day Message to Colleague or Coworker


Hello. I hope you are doing well. I am sending you this message to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. You are such a good fellow and co-worker. I appreciate the way you always help me. Whenever I need your guidance you are always ready to help me. I am thankful again for how you handled my work when I made a mistake on a key project. It was all because of you that I completed my first project successfully. Thanks for always supporting fellow. I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day once again.  

Valentine Day Message to Colleague or Coworker


Happy Valentine’s to my beautiful co-worker. The lady whom I always found hardworking, loving, and helping others with a deep smile. You are my inspiration. When I joined the office you warmly welcomed me and taught me to manage the office plus house chores. I remember those worst days when I was suffering from a poor relationships with my husband, but you supported me to handle the situation as well as managed my office work. Thanks for always being a helping hand for me. This Valentine’s Day I wish you stay happy and get the love similarly you spread to others.

Valentine Day Message to Colleague or Coworker


Hi. This coming 14th February I want to make you my Valentine. You are my special colleague, friend, and secret holder. You always helped me and supported me in office work. You are sincere, avoid office politics and I never found you doing leg bulling. Even I like the way you forbid others from doing such bad acts. I wish we remain always connected and stay best friends forever. Thank you, love you, and happy Valentine’s Day.


On this day when the love birds send messages to each other and promises for the future life. I want to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. You are such a loving and caring person. Although you are, our team lead you have never behaved like a strict boss. You have always helped us and encouraged us in our good works, but never got angry with our mistakes. Rather, you teach us politely. The way you manage a project with us and guide us about new things is appreciated. It is my wish that every person has a boss like you and it is because working with you gives satisfaction and one enjoys doing work. Thank you for being a friend like a boss. Happy Valentine’s Day.