Thank You Letter for Personal Gift

Nowadays, thank-you letters have disappeared from human communication. People are so busy texting and emailing one another that they hardly get time to write a few sentences of appreciation and greeting. There are a few times when a thank-you letter should be handwritten, as this shows a personal touch and an expression of love.

When writing a thank-you letter for a personal gift, a few things should be kept in mind.

  • Mention the gift’s name early and specifically in the letter.
  • While writing a thank-you letter, focus on the name of the giver of the gift
  • The gift and the giver should be associated with your thoughts, as your thoughts matter a lot.
  • Don’t forget to describe the importance of the gift to you when writing a thank-you letter for a personal gift.
  • Describe your feelings attached to that gift and write your positive feelings associated with the gift
  • Once you have received the gift, a thank-you letter should be sent within a short period of time, i.e., within a couple of days. However, if you are late in sending this letter, then mention a short apology in the text. After this, continue by expressing your appreciation for the gift.
  • Don’t lie when expressing your feelings. If you don’t like the gift, then you can simply express gratitude to the giver in the letter.
  • Never introduce the total monetary value in a thank-you letter.

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Thank you letter for personal gift

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More Samples


My dear Ifra, I hope you are doing well. I received a gift of a beautiful picture frame with a photo of us. It is such a fabulous gift I have received. I am so happy about getting this memorable gift from your side. Your present has made my day.

I will place it on my bedside table so that I start my day by directly seeing the beautiful present from the beautiful person in my life. The picture brought me back to our school days, and even I recalled the day when our teacher took that photo. Thank you once again for such love and affection. Thank you for the card with wonderful words on it.


Hi Ifra, how are you? I just woke up due to the bell on the door. When I opened the door, the courier service provider gave me a packet. I was surprised at where I got the package. I opened the package and just jumped with happiness. I was not expecting such a wonderful gift. Even if I forget the date and you remember that it’s been 10 years that we have been friends, in fact, like sisters,

You always celebrate this friendship day and never forget to wish us a special day in our lives. This time, the gift you sent me is wonderful. I am lucky to have a friend like you. I will always keep this beautiful handbag with me, as it is the new bond in our friendship.


Hi dear, How are you doing? I just received a packet from my warden. When I opened my mouth, you couldn’t believe I opened my mouth to say wow. It is a beautiful wristwatch. I don’t know how to thank you, as I need this these days as my old one is not working and I am not getting time to visit the market to buy a new piece due to an overload of exams. Thank you, my dear fellow, for sending me this gift. I like the care and affection you always show for me. Thanks once again.


My dear husband, I just received a ring that you sent through your friend. It is such a wonderful gift that you sent me at the birth of our beloved son. I wish we could celebrate these moments together, but your job is important. I hope you get your leave soon. I am happy about receiving a precious gift. It means a lot. Thank you once again for always showing love and care.


My dear sister, I received a beautiful bracelet as a gift yesterday. I am sorry for messaging you late, as today was my final exam and I was busy preparing for it. It is a beautiful gift that you sent to me. Even I have to wear them and go to my friend’s birthday party. It perfectly matches my dress today and suits my wrist. I am sending you a picture of my wrist with this beautiful bracelet. Thank you, my lovely sister.