Sponsorship Letters

You already know that every business, company, and organization wants to be known. For the purpose of recognition and publicity, corporations fund local activities, events, charity causes, etc. Some people, when they wish to arrange an event but lack funds, request big corporations to assist them. Letters that are written to seek that funding are called sponsorship letters.

Sometimes, sponsorship letters are written in order to seek support for one’s academic career, for a scholarship, course, or a workshop. 

It’s tricky to write sponsorship letters. You need to make sure that your letter is convincing enough that it will bring you the required funds. For that, here are some useful tips:

  • Begin your letter with a proper introduction of your organization and yourself.
  • Introduce your cause and how it is supposed to benefit people.
  • You have to mention about your cause in detail highlighting its positive outcomes and how it can benefit the sponsor. This part is to convince the reader that if he sponsors, he will be investing in the right place.
  • Since you’re requesting, let your tone be requesting and humble. Using an authoritative and arrogant tone will only bring you a thumb.
  • Don’t forget to attach a sponsorship form with your letter.

To make professional-looking sponsorship letters, you don’t have to brainstorm much. We have some samples that will make it easy for you. Check out our sponsorship letters and enjoy receiving loads of funds next time.

Sample -1

Sponsorship letter for the event

It is my pleasure to write to you on behalf of our NGO. We are organizing a fundraising event for flood-affected families. The event will take place in the coming week so that we can collect the required funds at the earliest. We humbly request you sponsor the event. It will be a great help to us as well as to the families who have suffered irreplaceable damage due to the recent floods.

Please let us know if you can make a contribution to our event. By doing this you will be taking care of a large number of families who are in urgent need of food, clothing, and shelter.

Kindly respond through email or call us at (phone number). We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Sample -2

Sponsorship letter for a sports event

To whom it may concern

Around this time each year, The Eagle Eye Football Club approaches major businesses with an esteemed reputation in the town to offer a sponsorship for us. Given your investment and interests in the community, we have pondered reaching you this year.

ABC Solutions has always been keen on the welfare and improvement of the community in many ways, and it has rightfully earned a good name in this area. Moreover, the whole city is a witness to the credible and authentic business of your company.

On such accounts, The Eagle Eye Football Club is proposing you a sponsorship through which you not only can carry your flagship of community work but market your business as well. Each player in our team will wear a shirt of your company in every match, both in and out of the city.

Other perks of sponsoring us include our social media marketing of your company through top-notch graphic design techniques. We will also send a blast of emails to the families interested in our events in the pursuit of your business’s growth. Also, you will be given free tickets to each game.

The entire city reckons our club is no less than any highly professional one and our team players are in high spirits. However, due to some reasons, we do not have enough funds for the necessary expenditures of the club.

Nevertheless, through our hard work and professionalism, we will make sure that you do not regret working with us.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at [X].

Sponsorship letter for a sports event

Letter File


To whom it may concern,

This is Jimmy Kimmel, the CEO of The Super Star Football Club writing to propose a great deal for your business. Please allow me to introduce my team to you.

We are a team of eleven young players entirely dedicated to winning through all kinds of circumstances. Although we have recently embarked on our journey, we are confident enough that we will establish a leading team in the state that will earn a good name both regionally and internationally.

Our goal is to instill positive energy in the young boys utilizing their skills for the benefit of the whole community. We believe in providing productive engagement and creating a healthy environment in society.

Due to the rapidly growing expenditures of our team, we are no longer able to keep up with our finances. Henceforth, we are offering the well-reputed businesses in the town, like yours, an opportunity to sponsor us. You will enjoy several perks for this partnership.

Not only that our team will wear shirts with your company’s logo on them, but we will be marketing your company through our skilled digital marketing team. The Super Star Football Club will be responsible for advertising your business in each event from subtle to rigorous marketing strategies. Moreover, we are also open to any customized deal from your end if you are interested. Your contentment is our priority.

Should you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to email us at [EMAIL] or you can also call us at [X].

Sample -4

I am [enter your name and title] from [enter company/organization]. This letter is to inform you about the event that we are organizing at the end of this year on [enter month]. The event is about [enter description].

We have already been doing such kinds of events in the past and they went very successful. This time, the event is relatively large, so we are inviting more sponsors. This letter is to invite you to sponsor us for this event, the details of which have been mentioned above, and the rest of the event details and sponsor descriptions are mentioned in the documents attached to the letter.

I also want to inform you that we’ll be doing a formal thanksgiving session for all our sponsors at the end of the event and will also advertise their organization/company by making their mention on our flyers and banners.

You are requested to please inform us by [enter date] if you are interested in sponsoring.

Sponsorship letter for student

I am writing to confirm my sponsorship for John Doe for his Fall semester at XYZ University. I will be paying (mentioned amount) as his tuition fee.

Best Regards

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