Sick Absence Message to Professor


Hope you have been doing well. I am Alice Macduff and this message is to inform you about my bad health. For the past few days, I have been suffering from chronic migraine and high temperatures. I always keep medicine with me but last week the medicine package ended and it will take two days to order it from another city. I know that the semester is ending soon and there are many important things to do from an exam point of view.

It is impossible for me to attend college in this condition, as I cannot focus properly on my studies and need rest to get fully recovered. I will keep in touch with Meghan and will try to cover up the syllabus at home. I hope you will understand my situation and will sanction me sick leave for a week.


This is to let you know that I have not been taking your classes regularly for the past three days because of a foot injury. In a minor accident, I got some injuries on my leg and feet and cannot attend classes in this situation. I fear that due to missing classes I will lack behind in my studies and will get low grades. I request you to let me two weeks’ leave and need your help to cover the entire syllabus. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanking in anticipation.


Respected Madam, this is to bring to your notice that I have not been feeling well due to seasonal flu and cold cough. To recover, I need two days’ leave as per the doctor’s recommendation. During this time, I would be able to take care of my health and take rest properly. I hope you will give me a favor. I will be really grateful to you for this.


Dear Sir, please take this message as my absence from university because of my sprained ankle. I was with my family in a restaurant and while coming down from stairs, someone pushed me so forcefully that I could not balance myself and fell down badly. My head got stuck in staircases and I got unconscious and my ankle sprained. Due to this reason, it would not be possible for me to attend university. Therefore, I request you to allow me five days’ leave. I will be highly obliged to you.


Hope things are going well at your side. I am Michael, a student in 8th grade in your school, and writing this message to bring to your notice my illness. I have a stomach ulcer and due to this, I am having in severe pain since yesterday. I consulted a doctor and he has prescribed antibiotic along with complete rest for a few days. Keeping in view above stated problem, I will not be able to attend college and will return back after I feel better. I hope that you will consider my request.


I am writing this to let you know that I have caught up in high temperature and headache. I consulted a doctor to get myself checked and he suggested I follow precautionary measures along with medicine. With this poor health, I cannot come to college and request you to allow me three days’ leave. I assure you that I will study more attentively when I return back. I hope you will understand my situation.


I am very sorry to let you know that I cannot attend university for three days as I have a backache problem. It happened because of sitting for continuous 8 hours daily and not doing rest. As a result, I got a back problem. The doctor has suggested I must rest completely and take protective measures. I need your approval in this regard and I hope that you will consider my request.


This is to bring to your notice that I have got food poisoning due to eating unhealthy in a local restaurant last night. I was out with my family for dinner and after coming back home I started vomiting and feeling nauseated. I visited the doctor’s clinic and after the initial medication, he advised me to take fluids only for two days. I am feeling very weak due to this and therefore request you to grant me three days’ leave. I would be very grateful to you for this favor.

Sick absence message to professor