Resignation Letter due to Humiliation

A peaceful environment at the office or company always enhances the output of the employees. A little appreciation boosts the motivation level of the employees. But, on the other hand, taunting and humiliating not only causes in diligence but also lowers the output level of the working staff.

It is obvious that the humiliating behavior of the boss directly hits the self-respect and affects directly the self-esteem. It also diminishes the positive attitude towards the job and keeps the individual mentally disturbed. Despite all, employees always first try their level best to sort the matters. But, in the end, the employee who is a victim of humiliation is compelled to resign from his/her job.

Resignation letter due to humiliation is a document written by an employee to present the boss when he is confirmed to be humiliated for an act which in otherwise case could be dealt with politely.

In the following cases, one can put a resign from his/her job due to humiliation.

  1. When the employee is holding a post or designation and s/he is insulted in front of their subordinates.
  2. When the employee is not provided with the sanctioned respect, authority or honor and always degraded.
  3. When efforts are disregarded despite hard work and diligence.

Hence, all these scenarios can lead to a serious situation. The letter should be constituted in such a way that the most attributed factors leading to humiliation should be added first and the minor factors should be written after that. This letter should be clear and understandable. The problems and issues faced due to humiliation should be highlighted with details. The date, relevant names, and signatures should be included.


Sample Letter

I am writing this letter to elucidate you of my decision of leaving the company. This letter serves as my official resignation letter.

The definition of constructive criticism does not include an insult in public. You need to correct your dictionary and definitions both.

On Thursday [DATED], you behaved in such an insulting way that even after trying hard I am unable to come out of that situation. Being a boss, you must have an idea of how to treat your employees even if they do not fulfill the criteria of your expectations. You have no right to insult your workers in public as you don’t own them for the sum of money you give in return for their tireless efforts.

Thanks for giving me a lesson that many books remained unable to give a grounding in me.


Resignation Letter due to Humiliation


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