Warning Letter for Using Offensive Words

If the individuals want to stay calm and peaceful, they are morally obliged to keep the people calm who are directly or indirectly associated with them. As a very popular quotation says, “do good and have good.” This quotation has an answer in itself.

Similarly, the workplace needs cooperation and much patience regarding worst scenarios that can occur anyway anytime. But, the important thing is that one should control oneself during the worst situations. Worst situations can happen accidentally or sometimes some colleagues try to test the patience of other colleagues for some personal gain. Like, they what to ruin their good position or status. These circumstances require intelligent handling. One wise way during these situations is to avoid offensive words.

But, if offensive words usage is seen at the workplace, an immediate warning letter is issued. The following circumstances can lead to this warning.

  1. If some disagreement occurs during meeting sessions and one starts using offensive words as a result of anger.
  2. When some colleagues raise offensive words regarding personal matters on other ones during a debate etc.
  3. When colleagues use offensive words in return of incompletion of tasks with a view to degrade others.

Hence, all these scenarios and many others lead to a warning letter on odious words usage. This warning letter is to-the-point and formal. It contains the name, designation of the employee as well as the supervisor. The signatures are important. The chances left to opt for eviction is highlighted.

Sample Letters


Warning Letter for Using Offensive WordsThis letter serves you as a warning for your continuous misdemeanor at the workplace. It has been reported several times that you are habitual of using slang words and rough language with others. I have given you many verbal warnings by calling you to my office, but it seems to me that all those warnings have fallen into a blind well.

So, for the very strong reason, this is a vibrantly written warning to you which must be considered the last warning anyway. If you are again found using offensive words with other employees; you will promptly be terminated from the company without considering providing you with another chance.

It is up to you to correct your behavior and you will be under observation in this regard for the next two months.

Thank you!


Warning Letter for Using Offensive WordsThis letter serves you as a warning letter for showing unprofessional behavior by using harsh words to other employees and even to supervisors over the course of time. Earlier we considered it work pressure or a related personal life matter and ignored the issue. But you completely wronged all our expectations and assumptions in the worst way.

This is the company with a great reputation and we do not allow any individual to ruin the name by a misconduct. The way one has been brought up is reflected through language especially at the workplace it is the only thing that speaks all about your past, present, and future.

If you are again found indulged in the same practice, you will not be a part of the organization.

Thank you!