Warning Letter for the Use of Offensive Actions

Actions and words once done can never be changed. So, one must watch before speaking and act. Our words and actions can make one’s life and vice versa. So, in the workplace, one should be very careful before speaking. And, also one should be very careful before committing any act. The offensive acts are strictly prohibited at the workplace as prescribed in the country’s law as well as in organizational law.

When offensive actions or harassment is seen, it is strictly taken into notice. The warning letter is promptly issued. A very strong investigation is conducted on such acts.

A warning letter for offensive actions is being issued in many situations like:

  1. When harassment is seen on regarding gender difference.
  2. When offensive actions are committed on behalf of personal gain.
  3. When odious actions are done during a dispute of project submission.
  4. When the difference of opinion leads to a quarrel.
  5. When professional incompetence makes a person stubborn enough to commit odious actions.

In this letter, the detailed investigation of the offensive action and witnesses are referenced and highlighted in detail. The formal warning letter for use of offensive actions is written while keeping in view the laws and policies clearly communicated to the employees of the organization.

The letter is formal and to-the-point. Therefore, the purpose of these warning letters should be to warn and reform the person as per organizational setup.

Sample Letters


Warning Letter for the Use of Offensive ActionsThis warning letter is issued to you for the offensive actions you have been up to for quite a time. Many female employees have complained about your misconduct and misdemeanor with them.

It is reported that you try to touch them while making conversation one way or the other. It is clearly stated in the company policy that touching your fellow employees regardless of gender is strongly prohibited in the workplace.

The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of the bad consequences of your continuous unpleasant doings including disciplinary actions following up to termination. These steps are taken in response to the disorderly and violent behaviors in the workplace.

It seems as if the leniency and healthy environment provided by the company is being misused and misinterpreted which won’t be endorsed at all. Therefore, it is to make obvious to you that any further violation of the company rules will surely lead you out of the company and there should be no doubt in this respect.


Warning Letter for the Use of Offensive ActionsThis warning letter is issued to you as the last warning since the condition of allegations associated to you is of extreme level which leaves no room for making a comeback. We have received numerous complaints about your sexual harassment activities in the workplace. This is the fidelity and commitment of our employees that before taking some severe actions they directly conveyed to us their concerns.

In otherwise you had staked the esteem of our company in the worst way. You are further directed to excuse everybody you have caused discomfort to or you can leave the company instantly without getting paid for this month in both cases. We don’t have the stamina to withstand the employees like you.