Warning Letter for Inviting Excessive Guests at Work

The prohibitions and set rules of policies and procedures need to be followed with consistency in the workplace. Once, the system of following the rules is applied peace and harmony come which in turn lead to the better functioning of the workplace.

Sometimes, employees are so fond of recreation and gathering that they make it happen at the workplace. In this way, they cross the limits and either directly or indirectly break office rules. A workplace needs some diligence and seriousness. Likewise, inviting excessive guest will lead to the worsening of the work environment. When this issue comes into notice, a warning letter must be drafted in the name of the concerned employee.

Different scenarios lead to the warning letter of inviting excessive guests at work. These are:

  1. When an employee submits the weekly assignment report late due to wastage of time with excessive guests at the workplace.
  2. When an employee tends to create noises along with unwarranted guests too much at the workplace. Hence, disturbing other colleagues regarding completing their work.
  3. When an employee falls into disputes with the supervisor’s verbal warning regarding excessive guests notice.

Hence, breaking the rules regarding inviting guests is a serious issue as it destroys the work environment and demoralizes other employees. This warning letter is formal, concise and contains the name of the respective employee along with his/her position. The previous numbers of warnings are also mentioned. The signatures of the departmental manager are also included.

A sample letter is given below.


This letter is issued to you for behaving in an unprofessional and unaccepted way that no employer can ever endorse at the workplace. This letter serves you as the warning letter for creating a very uncomfortable environment in the office on [INSERT DATE & DAY]. You have been found indulged in unprofessional and unethical activities by calling your guests to come to your workplace and making uproars in working hours.

It is clearly described in the company policy that only one guest can visit during break time and that too should not happen quite often.

I have received many complaints about this misdemeanor. It is highlighted that your guests were excessive in number and didn’t consider the workplace something sacred. You are solely responsible for all this mess and you are answerable for that as well.

You are dictated to meet me in my office on lunch break and elucidate me why this all happened. You must write an apologetic email and make sure the same will not happen again.


Warning Letter for Inviting Excessive Guests at Work


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