Request Letter to Change Salary Transfer Account

If you have changed salary transfer account for any reason, you can request the HR department of the company to change salary transfer account. The position and the status of any employee can change no matter it is for private purpose or public.

If the company transfers the employee to other city or the employee decides to shift to some other city, he will be required to ask the company for changing the salary transfer account.

Change of salary transfer account is also important for the employee because sometimes it also comes with some more benefits, changes in compensations and a lot more.

You can easily write the request letter if you know the format of drafting it. For this, it is essential for you to know the entire structure as well as professional tips to write this letter.

How to write the request letter to change the salary transfer account?

  1. Start the letter with the subject. It should be kept in mind that the letter is considered to be incomplete if don’t mention the subject in it.
  2. Start the letter with your introduction. Tell the reader that for how long you have working in the company
  3. Provide all your account details in the letter where your salary is being transferred currently. This will enable the reader to identify you
  4. Also, provide the details of the new bank account. Make sure that the details you provide are complete
  5. You can also mention the reason for it. However, it is not obligatory

Sample Letter -1

I am writing this to request you to change my salary transfer account. The old account [#XXX-xxxx] that I was using has some technical issues and I don’t want to continue with it anymore.

I have attached here with the details of the new bank account. I hope the procedure of this transfer of account will not be difficult. Please let me know for any help to complete the process.

Thank you.

Request letter to change salary transfer account


Sample Letter Template

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Sample Letter -2

I am writing this letter to update my salary transfer account. I have closed the previous bank account due to some personal reasons.

Attached to this letter is the details of the new bank account. Please update my salary transfer account to the new cited bank account and let me know to provide you with any information to facilitate and ease the process.

Thank you.

Request letter to change salary transfer account


Sample Letter Template

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Sample letter -3:


Dear Sir,

Subject: Change the Salary Transfer Account

I have been working with your company for 3 years. I am getting a total salary of [AMOUNT $] per month including all allowances. Due to some reasons, I want you to transfer my salary to my new bank account. The new bank account details have been mentioned. I am requesting you to do this act of kindness. I hope that you will do this for me as early as possible. I will be highly obliged.

Yours Sincerely


Request letter to change salary transfer account


Letter Template

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