Payroll Error Letters to Employer

Payroll error is a very common problem that can be resolved easily if proper steps are taken and a close review of the payment record of the employee is given. An employee needs to write a letter to the employer to inform him about the error in the payroll.

The employer may refer you to the head of the human resources department or any other staff member who is responsible for processing all the tasks related to payroll.

You need to request the employer to review your documents and attest the number of hours you have worked if your record is different from the company’s record and your records.

Before you write this letter, try to review everything you want to discuss with the employer. If you think that you have not been paid fairly, you can submit several types of documents with the letter that can support your claim.

You can also attach a copy of a written job offer in which the employer offered you a salary with the promise to increase it.

You can also ask your employer to arrange a personal meeting with you in which you will be able to discuss your matter with him. It should be ensured that you discuss your problem with your supervisor in a calm manner. Keep your tone rational and polite no matter how much you are angry.

Sample letter #1:

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to make a complaint to you about the payroll error. The salary that has been mentioned in the payroll is less than the actual salary we agreed. You promised me to increase my salary this month.

However, my salary is still the same. I received the increment in salary the previous month but this month, I have again received less salary. I am attaching the previous month’s salary slip with this letter which will let you know well about my condition. I hope that you will resolve my issue as soon as possible

Yours Sincerely.


Payroll error letter to employer

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Sample letter #2:

I am writing this letter to inform you that for March I received my net salary of $2500/-. I received my salary as per the date set by the company i.e. April 5th.

In our last meeting about salary increment, it was decided that my salary will be increased by 25% plus the two-annual salary bonus will be three salaries now. As per this change, I must be paid $3125/-. It may be a clerical mistake, or the HR department has not been updated about the change.

To my worry, I still get the same salary as it was before the appraisal. I want you to please consider this matter seriously and resolve it as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely.

Payroll error letter to employer

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