Salary not Received Complaint Letter to Boss

It is the right of every employee to get salary on time. If the company does not pay the employee, the employee has a right to complain to the boss. The employee often writes the complaint letter to the boss when the issue is not being resolved by the human resource manager or supervisor.

It is important to write the complaint letter with all the important details as this letter can be the best way communication between you and your boss and can also play a major role for those who want the issue to be resolved as soon as possible.

Before you write the complaint letter, you should review the employment contract that you signed with your boss. Make sure that you have followed all the policies and terms of working with the company before you write this complaint letter.

Tips for writing the complaint letter to boss:

  1. Since you are writing this letter to your boss, it is recommended to keep this letter brief and formal. Keeping the tone friendly and positive in the letter can help you get a positive response.
  2. Explain your problem in the very first paragraph of the letter. Give to the point details rather making the letter too long.
  3. Give the salary issue details in the letter. Make sure that your letter is easy to understand by your boss
  4. Attach supporting documents with the letter that can prove your point
  5. End the letter by thanking your boss for considering your complaint.

Sample letter -1

I have been working with your company for last 5 years. Recently I changed my bank account and provided the details to the accounts department. I have not received the salary of November 2019. I contacted the administration and requested them to transfer my salary.

They did not reply my emails and letters. My salary is 10 days late and nobody is listening to me. I am writing this letter to bring my issue to your attention so that you can help me. I hope that you will resolve my issue.



Salary not Received Complaint Letter to Boss


Sample Letter Template

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Sample Letter -2

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I have not received the salary for the month of November 2019. I have called and asked my bank several times, but they respond in negative. I wrote an email to accounts department and they didn’t reply.

Finally, I have decided to bring the matter to your attention. It is 16th of December today and I have not received my salary. Please investigate the matter and speed up the process so that I can get my salary as soon as possible. Thank you.

Waiting for your response.

Steve Adam the Business Manager at [Company Name]

Salary not Received Complaint Letter to Boss


Letter Template

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Sample letter -3

I was on four-day holiday from Oct 02, 2019 to Oct 05, 2019. The company deposited the salary of all the employees on Oct 04, but I didn’t get it.

I called my bank to find if there is anything wrong with my account, but they replied to no-update or change in that. The accounts department has said they have sent the money to my account and do not want to listen to anything on my query.

I am writing this to request you to investigate the matter so that I can get my salary as soon as possible. Thank you.

Complaint letter for salary not received

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