Apology Letters for Providing Wrong Information

Everyone has to share some information with others. When it comes to giving information to someone at the workplace, the accuracy of information matters a lot. When we provide someone wrong information, it creates a lot of problems. In case you have communicated the wrong information to someone, it would be better for you to apologize on the matter.

Tips for writing the letters:

  1. The apology letter should always be started with proper salutation.
  2. Explain the purpose of writing the letter at the very start of the letter.
  3. Add the subject in the letter so that the reader can immediately know what is this letter for.
  4. Keep the letter short and concise.
  5. Write the apology in a sincere tone.
  6. End the letter by expressing your hope for something good you are expecting from the reader.

If you have given wrong information to someone, it is important for you to inform them about it before they suffer from the outcome.

The apology letter for sending wrong information also alerts the recipient. Many companies use this letter of apology to their customers for giving wrong information on bills etc.

The sample letters for apologizing has been given below. You can use these letters to apologize to someone for sharing wrong information. The letters can be customized easily due to which you can use no matter which type of situation you want to address. It gives you a chance to make things better for you and the reader.

Sample letter -1

Apology letter for providing wrong information

Apology letter for providing wrong informationYou need to write the apology letter in the following way if you mistakenly provide the wrong information. You must attach the correct information and records with it to let the receiver know the precise information.


Dear Client/Customer,

I am sending this letter to you to apologize that I had mistakenly sent you the incorrect information. I am sorry for all the inconvenience that you or your concerning people faced because of it. To remind you the email was sent on [DATE] regarding the subject [SUBJECT]. The false information was [DETAIL] and the correct information is [DETAIL].

I understand my responsibility and I know it must not have happened. I assure you that it will not happen in the future and I will provide you with the reliable information to win your trust once again. Download

Best Regards,


Sample letter -2

Apology letter for sending a wrong attachment

Apology letter for sending a wrong attachmentSometimes you send the wrong attachment with an important email then you can send this letter to let the receiver know the attachment is not appropriate and reattach the correct file to resolve the matter.


I regret the sending of an incorrect attachment in the email that was sent on that date [DATE] titled [TITLE]. I apologize for all the problems and difficulties that you faced because of the wrong attachment.

I understand it is my duty to provide you with the correct files or attachments. The corrected file is now attached to this email. Download

Best Regards,

Mention your NAME

Sample letter -3

Letter to a customer to apologize for wrong advertisement price

Apology letter to a customer to apologize for wrong advertisement priceSubject:

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to request to accept the apologies for doing mistake in the advertisement. We could not realize the mistake until our customers started to call us for placing the order for $22 instead of $122. We will make the correction appear in the next advertisement.

I know this information will be disappointing for many of our customers. But, we can’t sell the product at this low price. I hope that you will understand our problem.


Sample Email

Apology email for sending incorrect information to the client:

Apology letter for sending incorrect information to the clientIn some cases, we can send emails to our clients with inappropriate information. The information that is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the business. In the case, we must apologize and provide our customer(s) with the true and relevant information that is purely related to business. The following email sample can be used to help you out in this situation

Respected or dear [CLIENT],

Please accept my apology for providing the incorrect information in the email that was sent to you dated [DATED] regarding the subject [SUBJECT]. I understand all the inconvenience that you might have faced because of the incorrect information. I have attached the correct information with this email. Hope it helps to ease the nerves.

I assure you that it will never happen again in the future and I will be cautious to avoid such mistakes to win your trust back. Download



You can select any of the samples to write the apology email or letter to your concerned person to handle the matter.