Salary Delay Complaint Email to Boss

A salary delay complaint email is written by an employee when his/her salary is delayed. The purpose of this email is to lodge a complaint or to remind the employer about the accreditation of salary.

It is the responsibility of every employer to pay the employee on time. In some organizations, it is seen that the employees must remind the employers that their salary is due.

In some cases, the paid salary is not according to the agreed-upon terms. Delayed salary is not accepted for people no matter in which field they are working.

Many employees send a salary delay email to their employer when their salary is delayed due to any reason. Sending emails is quicker than other modes of communication.

Tips to write the salary delay email:

  1. Salary delay email should be written professionally as you are going to write it to your boss
  2. Regardless of the fact you are suffering a lot due to delayed salary, keep your tone normal and polite
  3. The email should be short and precise. It should only include the reason for which you are writing this email.
  4. Make sure that the problem of delayed salary has been addressed effectively. You should be able to communicate with your boss and impart your message to him in an effective way.
  5. Make sure that you add the subject to the email before sending it. Many people don’t open the email without a subject. if you don’t want your email to get ignored, do mention a precise subject.
  6. Check the email for all the grammatical and spelling mistakes before sending it.

Sample email -1

I am writing this email to bring to your attention that I have not been paid the salary for June 20XX. Today is the 9th of July 20XX. Usually, the salary is transferred not later than the 5th day of the subsequent month.

Is this action deliberate I must be notified otherwise please take notice of this matter to deposit my salary as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Salary delay complaint email to boss

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Sample email -2:

The manager,

ABC company,

Dear Sir,

This email is being sent to you because I am seeking a speedy release of salary which is already one month late. This action is a breach of the employment agreement according to which the employees are to be paid on time. The employees are being burdened because of a lack of funds.

I hope that the company will recognize the importance of employees.

Thank you.

Salary delay complaint email to boss

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Sample email -3

This is Jena Alfred the Business Developer Manager at the [Company Name]. I want to highlight an issue regarding the payment of salary.

This is very unusual that I have not received my salary for November 20XX. Today is December 13 and I must write to you so that you can investigate the matter that why the salary has not been paid.

As per the terms & conditions we have signed the employment contract the payment of salary cannot be delayed for more than 10 days. In this case, the employee(s) must be notified officially.

I hope you consider this matter seriously and take quick action to deposit the salary as soon as possible.


Salary delay complaint email to boss

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Sample email -4

I am writing this email to bring your attention to an important issue regarding salary payment for September, 20XX.

The salary for September has not been paid and upon inquiring from the accounting department there isn’t any update on the payment policy. Therefore, I thought to bring this matter into consideration so that the salary for September can be deposited as early as possible.


Salary delay email to boss

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