Request Letter to Boss to Work from Home


09 July 20XX

Nolan Alex
ABC 890 Main St.
Brooklyn, JS 123456

Dear Mr. Alex,

I hope that you will be alright. I am working with you for a long period and I was on my medical leave nowadays due to an accident that occurred with me six months ago because of land sliding. As a result of it, I got severe injuries and it put a drastic impact on my body due to which I am unable to walk now. Doctors had prescribed complete rest to me till I am able to walk on my own. Now my medical leave is going to an end and despite taking all precautionary measures, I am still not able to walk on my own and cannot sit for working straight continuous hours.

Due to this accident, my work was badly affected, and I don’t want to get it affected anymore. I know that you stand by with your employees in every difficult time and hear their problems. I am writing this letter to you to want your favor to allow me to work from home until I become able to walk on my own. Doctors are still advising me to take the rest for three months at least but this time I am not asking for a medical leave. I want you to allow me permission to work from home.

I guarantee you this thing that work’s quality would not be affected at all because of illness and I will work with great zeal. I have enclosed my medical report along with this letter so may you have a look at them. I hope that you will approve this request of mine. In case if you want to know more about it, I can be reached through email. I would be much obliged to you if you give me collaboration. Thank you

Jackson Luis


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11 July 20XX
The Manager
XYZ Firm
Jose Blake
56-789 Street

Washington, WE 234
(1111) 2345-666

Dear Mr. Blake,

I hope that you will be alright and enjoying good health these days. I am an employee here in your company for the last ten years. You know that I have been working from home for the last six months due to my disturbed health. I have a workmate with me who aids me in going somewhere as I am unable to walk on my own. I had asked you to keep him with me in the office, but you told me that I cannot keep any assistant with me.

After working from home for the last few months I am giving close attention to office work and activities. This thing is very difficult for me to come to the office daily so I want to ask you for permission of working from home or in case of need I can just visit the office. I have really enjoyed working under your supervision and due to your supportive attitude, I want to continue my job here in your company in the future as well.

By keeping in view, the above-mentioned details, I want you to consider this request of mine. I would be much pleased and thankful to you if you favor me by allowing work from home.

Oliver Kevin

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