Request Letter to Ex-Employer to Return to Work

Sometimes we make a poor decision of leaving one job and starting another. These results in making us feel remorseful for our bad decision. When we are not happy with our new job, we start missing the previous employer and then there comes a point that we think of contacting him again in order to request him to rehire us.

When to write?

Often, when we join a new company, we come to know that it does not come up to our expectations. The workplace, environment, co-worker’s behavior everything matters a lot. If there is anything that is consuming our mental peace and making us depressed, we can resort to writing a letter to our former employer.

We can also write this letter when we have been laid off from the company that we joined because of any reason and we are in desperate need to have a job. In that situation, we can contact our previous employer.

It is important to note that you should write this letter if you know that you have left your previous while keeping your work relationship with your boss intact. Some people have a spat with their boss or supervisor that becomes a reason for them to leave. They decide to leave even without resigning that ruins everything. In this situation, there is no point in returning. Therefore, as a professional person, you should know whether to write this letter or not.

Tips to write the letter of request to return to work:

  • Sell yourself:

Selling yourself means you should try to write about yourself in such a way that it can convince your employer or hiring manager to rehire you. If you have gained new skills after leaving that company, mention them in the letter. 

  • Stay concise:

It is not recommended to you that you get into long details in the letter. Although you might think that it is important to mention the reason why you want to leave that job and join the previous employer again, try to be concise in the letter.

There are chances that your former employer might want to meet you in person if he accepts your request to reappoint you. Therefore, leave some details to discuss at that point in time and keep the letter brief.

  • Make a commitment:

In many situations, it becomes hard for your former employer to trust you. After your reading your request letter, he might think if you have left the company once for whatever reasons, you can do it again also. In this way, you come off as a person who cannot be trusted as far as long-term commitments are concerned.

So, it is your responsibility to assure your former employer that you are ready to make a commitment. In order to assure your employer, you can also show that you are willing to sign a contract with him.

Some people find it hard to go back to their former employer and requesting him to hire them again. This happens because they feel that it is against their self-esteem to return to a former employer. However, if you make appropriate use of words and make sure that you write the letter in a professional tone, this letter will lend you a lot of support and you are likely to get the job in that company without losing your self-respect. Here is a sample letter to help you write this letter with effective wording and tone

Sample letter:

Date: ——————

Subject: subject of the letter

Dear (name of the employee),

As you know I have started a job at ABC Company as a branch manager. After joining that company, I realized that job responsibilities that I have been given to perform and the work environment in which I am forced to work is not up to my expectations. Therefore, I am writing this letter to inquire after if I can get the job to work in your company in the same job position on which I had worked for more than 5 years.

I am feeling eminently remorseful about my decision to leave the company and with this letter, I want to assure you that I will make a long-term commitment to the company this time.

I shall be very grateful to you if you reconsider hiring me. I know that you must have hired someone on the position that I left vacant. However, if there is any other position on which I am eligible to work, please let me know.

I would like to say thanks to you for considering my request and letter in advance. I am looking forward to your response. You can contact me on my personal number. I am also available to have a personal meeting.


Your name
Company name
Position in the company

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