Resignation Letter due to Unfair Pay

There are many such conditions at the workplace that a person has to go through. Some of these conditions are such that they impede the growth and development of the individual. This type of condition also leads to dissatisfaction with the employee. Sometimes, this dissatisfaction increases to the extent that an employee considers resigning. One such condition becoming the cause of prevalent dissatisfaction is an unfair salary.

Clear and straightforward…

When an employee feels that he is being given work much more than his salary, he can take the decision to resign from the job. In this letter, the employee should clearly tell that he wants to leave the job because he is not satisfied with the salary he is receiving on a monthly basis.

Convey your dissatisfaction…

This is also a type of resignation letter that demands to be written in a professional way so that the purpose of writing this letter can be fulfilled. With the help of this letter, the employer comes to know that the employee is dissatisfied with the salary. In this way, he can think of raising the salary of all those employees who are working on a low salary so that they don’t have to leave their current job.

When you are writing to your employer, it is important for you to write this letter in an effective way. Resigning from a job is always a very tough decision one has to take. It is rather tougher to communicate this decision. In order to make it easy for you to write this type of resignation letter, we are providing here some basic tips:

Inform the employer about the decision

It is important to keep in mind that the resignation letter always communicates the decision to resign using a straightforward approach. There is no need to talk about unnecessary things in the letter when you are aware of your motive for writing. Start the letter with the resignation statement.

Give your introduction and job details:

The employer should be told in this letter about your name, your designation, and the duration of the job in his company. You must mention the description of the job and all the job responsibilities that you have been entrusted with.

Give reason for resignation:

Since you are writing this letter to convey the message to the employer that you are leaving because of a low salary, you must mention the reason in the letter. Tell the employer that it is hard for you to survive with your current salary and therefore, you have decided to move on for better opportunities.

Offer your help:

Although you are leaving the job because you are unhappy with the salary, you should not ruin your relationship with your employer since you might need his reference or recommendation in the future. You should rather try to come off as a professional person. You can achieve this motive by offering your help to employer in making the transition easier.

Tell whether resignation is negotiable or not:

If you want the employer to discuss this problem with you and raise your salary, you can tell this in the letter. In this way, you will be able to work in the same company without having to seek another job with a raised salary. However, it is important to note that one must not rely on the employer’s negotiation offer.

Sample letter:

Date: ——————

Subject: subject of the letter

Dear (name of the employer),

I am writing this letter to submit my resignation. I have been working in the company [ABC] for more than 5 years. I have worked in different job positions and handled various types of responsibilities. I am working day and night for the development and growth of this company. However, now I feel that the salary that I am being given is not enough for me. I feel that this low salary has become a headache for me and my family.

In the prevailing economic conditions of the country, my survival at such a low salary has become very difficult. I also feel that I am biting off more than I can chew with the workload I do every day. I have talked to the manager of the company many times, but my all complaints fell on deaf ears. Therefore, I have decided to resign from the job.

I hope that you will sort out this matter for current employees and also those that are going to join you in the future. I am ready to provide you with my assistance in the transition period.


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Resignation Letter due to Unfair Pay

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Resignation Letter due to Unfair Pay
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