Letter of Extension of Tenancy

What is a letter of extension of tenancy?

When there is an agreement between the landlord and tenant and the agreement is about to expire, the tenant can write this letter to his landlord requesting him to extend the tenancy agreement. It is important to note that this letter can be written only when the agreement is still functional. If the agreement has expired, you cannot ask the landlord to extend the tenancy. Rather, you will have to ask him to renew it.

This letter can also be written by the landlord to his tenant if he wants the tenant to continue using his land. This usually happens when the tenant is punctual in rent payment and he has been abiding by all the clauses of the agreement ever since the agreement became functional.

Why a letter of extension of tenancy is written?

Since this letter is usually written by tenants, we will see all the reasons that compel the tenant to write this letter:

  1. When the tenant finds the property of the landlord to be comfortable, he might not want to move. In this situation, the tenant can ask the landlord to take measures to extend the tenancy
  2. If the tenant does not find any suitable apartment and he comes to know the tenancy of the apartment he is using currently is also going to expire, he can write this letter
  3. If the tenant knows that he is moving to another city or country after a month or two and does not want to shift to another apartment for this short period, he can request the landlord to let him live in his apartment for this period by extending the tenancy

Before the tenant writes this letter to his landlord, he should read the tenancy agreement carefully to determine whether this agreement allows him to ask for an extension or not.

Things to consider before writing a letter of extension of tenancy:

This letter can get complex if is not written considering many important aspects of the tenancy. Here we are going to draw the attention of every tenant towards a few things that must be taken on board while making the extension request:

  1. The tenant should tell the landlord that the agreement that they both have signed allows them to extend it. The tenant should also give some reasons that a landlord must consider while thinking as to whether to extend or not. For example, the tenant can tell the landlord that he has been paying the rent on time and he has fulfilled the commitments with the landlord well
  2. There is a particular duration of the extension the tenant requests for. He should specify this in the letter that for how much time, he wants the tenancy contract to be extended
  3. The tenant must provide a reason for the landlord as to why he wants the extension. Sometimes, the landlord gets insecure about this request. Therefore, you should clear this in the letter why you want that. However, if you want to keep this letter short, you can ask the owner of the property to meet you in person and discuss the entire matter in detail
  4. If you want to convince the property to extend the contract of tenancy, you can tell him that you are ready to pay more rent than you have been paying.
  5. Convincingly write the letter so that you can ensure that the landlord will accept your request and will grant you the extension.

Sample letter:

Date: ——————

The subject of the letter

Dear (name of the landlord),

This letter is being written to request you to extend the tenancy for one more year. The lease is going to expire on 15th August 20XX. I am requesting you to extend it before it expires.

I am ready to pay more rent as the contract of tenancy allows you to raise the rent amount for another year in case you extend it. You will also get benefited from the extension as you will save your cost by not having to advertise the vacant property for getting new tenants, pay the fee to the agent, and much more.

I am hopeful that you will accept my request and respond to me as soon as possible. You can contact me on my number as well as my email address that has been mentioned in the contract of tenancy. Furthermore, you are also most welcome to come over and visit me at my apartment.

If you don’t have time, you can send the acceptance of my request in written form on my address. I am waiting to hear from you in any way you find convenient.


Your name

Your signatures

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