Product Defect Notices

People throughout the world love purchasing many amazing products for their needs. These needs may be personal or professional. No matter, whatever the type of need is, the products are frequently purchased and liked by the people. While purchasing the goods, one expects to receive the most adorable and fabulous products but what if defective products are delivered to your doorstep. Quite pathetic!

In such a scenario a product defect notice is of great significance. It states that the products which your company manufactured, sell or distribute is found defective. Hence, the buyer claims warranty for it and mentions the description of the defective product received.

The nature of defect or damage needs to be mentioned. One also needs to mention the date on which such goods were purchased. It also states that the representative of the company should contact the buyer as early as possible.

Companies who consider their customer’s satisfaction to be the most important element for their business rapidly contact the buyer in order to satisfy him. The company is responsible for the defective product and should try their best to win the customer’s heart by either replacing the damaged product or repair it.

Sometimes, it may be any defect during manufacturing so by sending the product defect notice to the seller, you basically play a role in intimating the company about the batch which manufactured the defective products. Take the aid of this notice as it is the most efficient and professional way of dealing with this issue.


Get your hands on our professionally designed Product Defect Notice Template by simply downloading it. Edit it to enter our company name and logo. Fill out all the mandatory fields and use it when required. It is written quite simple and clear so that even an undergraduate can use it conveniently.

Sample Notice


It is hereby stated that we purchase goods on [date of purchase] manufactured, distributed or sold by your company.

We advise you about the product defect or warranty claim. We are mentioning the description of the defective products as below.

  1. Nature of Defect
  2. Injuries of Damages
  3. Product Purchased From

This is the earliest possible claim notice of the said products. I request you to contact me as early as possible.

Your’s Truly,

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Product Defect Notice Template



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