Product Defect Notices

People throughout the world love purchasing many amazing products for their needs. These needs may be personal or professional. No matter what the type of need is the products are frequently purchased and liked by the people. While purchasing the goods one expects to receive adorable and fabulous products but what if defective products are delivered to your doorstep? quite pathetic!

In such a scenario a product defect notice is of great significance. It states that the products which your company manufactured, sell, or distributed are found defective. Hence, the buyer claims a warranty for it and mentions the description of the defective product received.

The nature of the defect or damage needs to be mentioned. One also needs to mention the date on which such goods were purchased. It also states that the representative of the company should contact the buyer as early as possible.

Companies that consider their customer’s satisfaction to be the most important element of their business instantly contact the buyer to satisfy them. The company is responsible for the defective product and should try its best to win the customer’s heart by either replacing the damaged product or repairing it.

Sometimes, it may be a defect during manufacturing so by sending the product defect notice to the seller you basically play a role in intimating the company about the batch which manufactured the defective products. Take the aid of this notice as it is the efficient and professional way of dealing with this issue.

Get your hands on our professionally written product defect notice samples by simply downloading them. Edit it to enter our company name and logo. Fill out all the mandatory fields and use them when required. It is written quite simply and clearly so that even an undergraduate can use it conveniently.

Sample Notices


Re. Product Defect

Dear Manager,

I intend to notify you of the defect in a product that I ordered from your online store. I am writing to show my utmost disappointment with the service and delivery. Moreover, I have a few other reservations about the quality displayed and delivered. Here, in this notification, I will describe in detail the problems with the delivered product. Please read carefully and respond at your earliest.

On [date], I ordered a microwave oven worth $450 which was offered at the discounted price of $230. In the description, it was mentioned that the microwave oven is a second-hand oven that has been from the used stock of the US Stock Peak Market. It was mentioned that the product is in a 9/10 in its condition which also elaborated it as having very few scratches from the backside. I have enclosed an image of a snapshot of the product description from your open store’s official website.

I was still okay with a few scratches but to confirm the condition, I called your customer service who assured me that the oven is in a 10/10 condition and there are invisible scratches on the backside. I ordered the microwave by paying the advance payment. It was promised to be delivered on [DATE] but it was delivered three days later than the promised date.

When I opened the microwave package, I was astonished by looking at the wrecked condition of the oven. It was not a 9/10 at all but a 5/10. In the stock market, one can get the latest model of a microwave oven for $300-$400 but I was given this wrecked piece at such a high price. The oven had a lot of visible scratches and dents at the front door.

Moreover, its wire is also broken. I also have enclosed pictures of the damaged parts. Another problem with the product is its color. The color I ordered was black but I was delivered a silver colored oven.

I request you to exchange the product with the promised and displayed one otherwise, please, get this product back and refund my payment. If this problem does not get solved in a week, I shall consider complaining at the consumer court of justice. Thank you.


Re. Notice of Defect in the Purchased Product (Product # [X])

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to share my grievance with your store in the [AREA] branch. On [DATE], I bought a mobile phone from your shop. I purchased a brand new mobile phone which was sealed back and had no opening from any side. Due to hurry, I did not check it at the shop and came home.

Now, when I opened it, I realized that the phone’s screen has scratches. Even being a premium model and brand new phone it looks like an older and refurbished model. Moreover, my SIM is not working on this phone. The camera is too slow and does not take a good-quality picture. The camera has 42 MP that gives a 1080p resolution in video recording whereas it does not give a quality shot.

Following are the particulars of a mobile phone:

Company/Brand: ABC
Model: ABC
Model Number: ABC
IMEI Number: [#]
Color: ABC
Variant: XGB

I realize that the mobile phone is defective. Please exchange it for the new phone or refund my payment. If not done so, I will take legal action against your store. Your store has a high name in the market and is considered reliable. Honesty should be the primary path to business. I suggest you maintain your fame and name in the market to not disappoint more customers.



It is hereby stated that we purchase goods on [date of purchase] manufactured, distributed, or sold by your company.

We advise you about the product defect or warranty claim. We are mentioning the description of the defective products below.

  1. Nature of Defect
  2. Injuries of Damages
  3. Product Purchased Date/model etc.

This is the earliest possible claim notice of the said products. I request you to contact me as early as possible.

Yours Truly,