Warning Letter to Employee for Bad Performance

Employee’s performance is the key to a successful business. Every company wants to have employees who perform well up to maximum output. Employees are recruited through various procedures so that a company keeps doing well in the market. Employees are the real asset of a company.

Usually, employees keep doing well in their jobs. A situation may come when an employee is showing a decline in performance. There may be a number of reasons behind it. Verbal communication can be made to improve the performance of the employee. Verbal warnings are also part of the practice to reprimand an employee over the performance. However, written warnings are an official way to do this.

If you are an employer/manager who is looking for such a warning letter sample then you are at the right place. We have given here a sample warning letter to employee for bad performance that can help you in this situation.

The letter given here is a sample and it guarantees to provide you complete text for the situation. The general layout is good enough to deliver or otherwise make suitable changes as per requirement.

Sample Letter



Dear Mr./Ms. [NAME HERE],

We are quite disconsolate on your negligence towards your responsibilities to the company. Mr./Ms. [NAME HERE], you were very conscientious, dignified and organized employee of all, but we were unable to surmise that a very delinquent etiquette was shown by you.

We received this information from the colleagues you work with and from your supervisor. Mr./Ms. [NAME HERE], are you experiencing any complications at ménage or in vigor any other issue that is disrupting your proficiency towards work? we are told that you are arriving late at the office and usually busy thinking or looking at your watch eagerly. The documents you had to maintain had incomplete information with a considerable number of imprecision.

With due respect Mr./Ms. [NAME HERE], you need to share your predicaments if any or you need to be competent enough to indemnify the loss supervened to the company due to negligent behavior of yours. Please regain the confidence company had in you and be circumspect as you were before.


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Warning letter to employee for bad performance


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