Product Feedback Card Template

Product feedback card:

The customer feedback about a product is very important if you want to improve the quality of your product. It helps you improve the delivery of the product and makes you understand the fundamentals of your business.

You can clearly get an idea about the thoughts and taste of your customers and then you can produce the product in such a way that it can increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Many companies don’t ask for the feedback because they think that it is very hard for the customers to provide required details. However, there are some very common methods that can be adapted to convince the customers to give feedback such as the use of the feedback card.

How to make a product feedback card?

The interface of the feedback card should be user-friendly and it should have a simple design with very straightforward instructions to make it easily understandable by the customers. The feedback cards, unlike other documents, are very easy to prepare because they do not require any complex data or technical details. There should be plenty of space for the customer to input his comments about your product.

If you have added a number of fields in your feedback card, it is important to label them correctly. Each field of the card should be visible.


You can include the series of questions in this card with 4 to 5 options that will make easier for your customer to give them an opinion.

However, if you want to know anything additional about your product, you can give some space at the end of the cart where the customer will be able to give some additional remarks or suggestions about the product.

Benefits of feedback card:

With the help of the product feedback card, you can categorize your customers into 4 categories which are:

  1. Extremely happy customers
  2. Extremely unhappy customers
  3. Neutral customers
  4. Customers with requests.

If you are really interested in knowing what your customer think about your products, design your feedback card in such a way that can let them comment on your product.

Following is given a product feedback card template. Hope it helps to do the job!

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Product feedback card template


Product Feedback Card Template

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