Kids School ID Badge Templates

Educational institutes such as schools issue ID badges to their students for easy identification since there are so many students in a school and taking care of them often requires taking some extra steps. Usually, when a school has to manage everything seamlessly and make sure that the security measures are also in place, it makes use of an id card.

ID cards are usually designed in such a way that students at the school can keep wearing them as long as they stay in the school. As soon as they leave the premises of the school, they don’t need to keep that card with them because then they become the responsibility of their parents or guardians.

What are children’s school id badges?

ID cards of students in a school are such tools that uniquely identify each and every student. The format and structure of the content to be displayed on the card is the same for every student. However, there are some unique details such as a unique id badge number, photograph of the cardholder, etc.

Why do educational institutes use identity badges for students?

There are numerous purposes behind using these ID cards for children. A few of them have been discussed below:

Id badges are essential for easy access:

For security purposes, not every random individual can be allowed to enter the premises of the school as this can pose a threat to the safety of the institute. ID badges help security personnel decide who should be allowed to access the school and who should now. Kids with badges show their association with the institute and they are allowed to enter the school.

They assist in tracking attendance:

Student’s attendance at the school is recorded and it is important to ensure that all the students who have entered the school remain there for the regular hours until someone picks them up from there. This way, the safety of every child is ensured. Parents of the children also feel more secure when they see that the school is taking steps to keep their kids safe.

Kids get easy access to many services:

Some schools provide free or discounted services to their students who get enrolled in that institute such as the privilege of getting library books free of cost for a specific time period, easy and discounted access to the transportation services of the school, buying stationary at cheaper rates and lots of other services are accessed easily only by showing the identity badge.

What are the components of the ID card for kids?

An identification id card includes the following details:

Name and photograph of the child:

The most prominent components of the ID card are those elements that are mainly used for identifying the kid and they are usually the name and photograph.

Grade and section of the kid:

The card should also tell the name of the grade and section to which the cardholder belongs. Some schools allocate different colors to different grades and then the color is used by others to determine to which grade the child is from. This strategy is useful for quick identification.

Emergency contact numbers:

The card should demonstrate the contact numbers of those people who can be contacted in case of an emergency. A minor needs proper care and attention and involvement of their guardians at every level. Therefore, schools always use identity cards so that emergency contacts can remain at hand and can be accessed immediately whenever they are required.

Expiry date:

Some cards expire after two or more years and the expiry date tells whether the card is valid for the student or he needs to apply for another one.

Different schools use badges with different designs and these designs entirely depend upon the preferences and choice of the school. Some institutes focus more on the design of the id card while some emphases on adding more features to the card.

Therefore, you will find the card of every school to be different from the others. If you want a badge for your kid that keeps him secure and safe, you can use the template for designing the card until the school issues him the card.



Kids school ID badge template

ID Badge File 2 MB


Kids school ID badge template

ID Badge File 2 MB


Kids school ID badge template

ID Badge File 2 MB


Kids school ID badge template

ID Badge File 2 MB


Kids school ID badge template

ID Badge File 2 MB