Theater Ticket Templates for MS Word

Plays at theatres bring fun, joy, and laughter to those who are interested in watching them. They also reduce stress and enable people to learn a lot.

If you are interested in watching any entertaining show in the theatre, the first thing that comes to your mind is buying a ticket. Selling tickets is sometimes the only source of income for many people such as actors, show organizers, etc. Theatres can be running at a high level or the local level. Tickets are essential to control access.

What is a theatre ticket?

A theatre ticket is an entry pass for those people who want to enter the theatre for entertainment purposes. A ticket is like a pass and whoever has the ownership of this pass is legally allowed to enter the theatre. Usually, they are sold at different rates for people depending on their association with the theatre. One ticket usually means one person can enter the theatre.

Benefits of theatre tickets:

Every theatre organizer likes to use the ticket in order to control access to the programs run in the theatre. Some of them also have a centralized ticketing system that enables them to keep an eye on every attendee which leads them toward making the theatre a safe place for everyone. 

Some theatres pay their actors the money they earn through selling tickets. Therefore, they try to sell as many tickets as they can. A ticket needs to look like a great design reflection of the organization running the theatre. 

How to design a theatre ticket?

Different types of programs are organized in a theatre in order to attract a variety of people. The design of the ticket mainly depends on the type of program it represents. For instance, a program organized for a culture day has a ticket that reflects the culture day that is celebrated in the country. Here are a few tips for designing a ticket for a theatre:

 A ticket should be in the standard size:

A ticket is a token people have to show at the entrance of the theatre when they have to prove that they have been allowed to enter because of buying the ticket. Usually, there is a standard size that people use in order to create a ticket. It should not be bigger or smaller than that size. If you want to bring some variations to the size, make sure that the size chosen by you does not make it look awkward. 

Add borders:

Although there is limited space on the ticket to add content, you should try to add borders in order to make the design better looking. There are different types of border lines you can add but you should make sure that the border you select goes well with the overall design of the ticket and it should not look incoherent with the design. 

Add theme:

Different plays and dramas in the theatre have unique themes to follow which make people guess what kind of entertainment in the theatre, they will be served. You should be aware of that theme and then incorporate it into the design. This way, the ticket will be able to reflect the program that is being targeted.

This will also excite people and they will feel more connected with the theatre. Even those who don’t want to attend the program often feel more attracted to it after seeing the ticket. So, your ticket should act like a promotional element. 

Add relevant details:

There are different details that you can showcase on the ticket. Some common details are:

  1. Name and logo of the theatre or the organization to which the theatre belongs
  2. Title of the program that is going to run in the theatre
  3. Type of ticket 
  4. Price of the ticket 
  5. Terms and conditions of buying the ticket 

Use the template:

If you want to use a pre-designed template, it will help you in designing a ticket effortlessly. You will not have to hire a graphic designer for designing a ticket for your theatre play. This way, you’ll be able to save money. The template also allows you to create a ticket that looks completely professional.


Theater ticket template

File MS Word 2007/+ Size 2 MB


Theater ticket template

File MS Word 2007/+ Size 2 MB


Theater ticket template

File MS Word 2007/+ Size 2 MB


Theater ticket template

File MS Word 2007/+ Size 2 MB


Theater ticket template

File MS Word 2007/+ Size 2 MB

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